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2014 Schedule and Stripping

No baby yet.  And not much sleep.  I have an appointment with the midwives today, which will involve “membrane stripping.”  “Expect to be uncomfortable and slightly crampy during the procedure.”  I am going to lie back and think of my 2014 race schedule (because I don’t think England will be as distracting).

January:  Bandera 100k

February:  Rocky Raccoon 100 (and RD the Rocky 50)

April:  Umstead 100 (Got in!!)

May/June: marathons

July: Badwater! (I still have to get in.)

August: Leadville 100 (Rollover from last year)

September: marathon?

October:  Hmmm?

November:  Hmmm?

December:  Hmmm?

The baby jogger is set up and Matt Hart is going to coach me back to ultrarunner shape — and I’m ready to start hanging towels on the treadmill again.

Oh, and you are officially invited to the maternity clothes bonfire in our backyard.  You’ll probably want to bring some sort of respirator to protect yourself from the polyester fumes.    It’ll have an Octoberfest theme.  Lots of home brew to go with the burned polyester.



9 thoughts on “2014 Schedule and Stripping

  1. Jay Danek says:

    September – Mogollon Monster rollover

  2. Tonje Elisabeth Aarøe says:

    That is one impressive race schedule! I hope to learn from how you get back in shape since I want to run a marathon at least next year (more modest in my goals :))
    And ps – I look forward to burning the maternity clothes as well, might have to burn them on a fire place since it will be about -20 degrees outside when the baby arrives.

    • Liza Howard says:

      -20! Tonje you have to come and visit. Mid-October through March are our good months down here. I will definitely keep up the “back to shape” blogging. I am almost as excited about the maternity clothes bonfire as I am the baby. Well, not really — but you know what I mean. :)

      • Tonje Elisabeth Aarøe says:

        Hehe! I know what you mean; every morning before work I hope new, nice (and fitting) clothes will magically appear in my closet. I definitely might take you up on your word on visiting :P as I am not looking forward to pushing the stroller through 1 m of snow.. Really looking forward to the “back to shape” part :)

  3. Rick Rochelle says:

    So the math says you are at mile 98 of the Pregnancy 100. The problem is, I’m not sure how well the race director measured the course. It could be a little long (or short). I think you’ll be able to see the finish from the top of that next hill. Not far now!

    • Liza Howard says:

      That is excellent! Made me smile while I’m sitting in the nurse midwives office, which I didn’t think was possible today. :)
      Thanks Rick!

  4. Sarah says:

    Ooh, I had my membranes stripped! Not too uncomfortable compared to the rest of the pregnancy. Went for a long trail walk, ate a huge supper, and the little guy ejected himself before the next sunrise. Good luck!

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