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Ultrarunning Mom

Thanksgiving Break and Davy Crockett Glam Shots

Asa has been out of school since last Friday.  He’s not sick; Thanksgiving Break is just 9 days including the weekends this year.  This strikes me as excessive.  I’m all for cherishing these days with my young children and all, but when did the holiday expand to an entire week?  And shouldn’t the school be […]

26 Nov
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Trail Camp goodness and recovery

Those pictures about sum up Trail Camp for me this year.  Lots of goodness and I wore a squid hat. Well, I also wore a coon skin cap. The weather gods didn’t smile on us this year, but that facilitated the hat wearing, which will be part of my camp repertoire from here on out. […]

23 Nov
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Sunday night

I ran 20 miles this morning with my training buddy.  About 14 miles in he said, “OK, these next four miles let’s take it down ten seconds each mile.  6:50, 6:40, 6:30, 6:20.”  Needless to say, my shoelace required some attention right after the second mile.” Me: (gasping) Oh, gosh.  Gotta stop.  Shoelace.  You go […]

09 Nov
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