Liza Howard. Ultrarunning Mom.

Ultrarunning Mom

Purple toes and fudgsicles

I managed to kick one of my chairs pretty hard while I was barefoot the other day, and now my baby toe and the toe that didn’t have roast beef are very dark purple.  They’re not that bothersome when I’m running — only when Asa steps on them, or Ruby body slams them.  I actually […]

24 Jul
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Behind the scenes before Leadville

A misplaced computer power cord, a potential mouse in the kitchen, Beer Garden Tuesday, and that TV show about the Copper Canyon ultra conspired to thwart my blogging yesterday.  I was going to pull some WordPress time machine shenanigans, but I’ve got a few hours to log on the treadmill tonight, and I don’t have […]

23 Jul
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Day 3 and 26 Days Until Leadville

I spent the day catching up on workouts that I missed last week.  I would never recommend this as a coach, but it’s made me feel very good to do what I set out to do.  When things are hard at Leadville, I will remember all the stickers on my workout calendar.  I don’t have […]

21 Jul
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