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Ultrarunning Mom

Loom Savant and Day 6/255

Chaos Report:  I decided sometime late Saturday — right after I’d wrestled snot out of Ruby’s nose for the eleventy-millionth time– that I wouldn’t blog over the weekends in this 255 day lead up to Comrades.  Once Ruby’s out of the electrical outlet-moth stage and stops shoving Asa’s loom bands into her mouth, I’ll write […]

22 Sep
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Trucker’s Hitch Song and Day 3/255

Chaos report:  I cannot believe it’s Friday.  This week was a blur of Ruby snot, stepping on Cheerios, and reading the kids’ version of the Iliad to Asa. (Black Ships Before Troy – It’s appropriately battle-filled and gory for any little boy’s battle and gore needs –though I think Asa is as tired of the 10 […]

19 Sep
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Checker companions and 2/255

Chaos report: Well, we’ve kicked Ruby out of our bed and out of our bedroom.  Consequently, this is the third night in a row that I am up at the same time as people in Moscow.  I’ve got sugar-is-the-devil documentaries playing on Netflix to drown out the siren call of the ice cream in the […]

18 Sep
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