Liza Howard. Ultrarunning Mom.

Ultrarunning Mom

A balance of teeth and Mogollon hill training

Asa lost his first tooth on Sunday night at 7:30pm. “The tooth fairy is going to bring me a gold dollar coin!!!!” Say what? Yes, friends, apparently the tooth fairy no longer brings quarters.  (Old As Dirt Howard, that’s what they call me.)  These shiny days the tooth fairy brings gold dollar coins. (Anybody can […]

26 Aug
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Car office and Mogollon

I am sitting in my car office in the driveway.  It’s been a week since Leadville, and I feel like I’ve just stopped moving.   My dad, Ruby, Asa and I got back to San Antonio on Monday around 11pm.  It was like the car had been a space capsule reentering the Earth’s atmosphere.     […]

23 Aug
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Leadville 100 2014: Movin’ Right Along, Drones, and Car Pushing

Drones.  There were drones on the Leadville course people.  Well, apparently not everyone was surveilled — just the lead runners.  Keep this in mind fellow runners as you train to get faster: All that hard work may end up with you face to face with one of these guys: I didn’t know there were llamas […]

19 Aug
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