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Ultrarunning Mom

Soaked polyester, Il Corridore and MdS

I’m starting to think about MdS as a restful vacation with a bit running thrown in.  I’m not underestimating the desert running,  (I’m entirely expecting to be squashed by the running and pack-carrying),  but getting off the treadmill at 11:30 last night having sweated through my Das Parka, (through it people!) with far too few […]

24 Mar
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Hello bloggy friends and Sir Ranulph

Here is a video of an excellent talk that Sir Ranulph Feinnes gave: And here is my favorite picture of the explorer from his website:   Sir Ranulph is running Marathon des Sables this year.  And my goal is to get an autograph.  If I come in dead last, but return home with an autograph “for Asa,” […]

23 Mar
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Are we there yet?

I need to improve my blogging-while-hiking-uphill-on-the-treadmill-in-puffy-gear skills.  I could have written a nice book over the weekend with those kind of skills.  The sweat would have probably permanently damaged the keyboard, of course, but still…  As it is, I think I’ve already about killed one set of headphones — and it’s only March.  Usually, I’m […]

16 Mar
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New favorite thing: Temptation Bundling and Tiny Ponytails

I should be hiking uphill on the treadmill in my puffy outfit.  I only have 45 more minutes of babysitter time, but I want to get these blog entries back on track.  And I just heard this excellent podcast Freakonomics Radio podcast on willpower.  “When Willpower Isn’t Enough“.   Somewhat timely…  Anyway, they talked about […]

12 Mar
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Up Late and Camel Spiders

Well, today has been an interesting one.  One nice thing that happened was I found out I might be sharing a tent with one of these guys in the desert next month. Camel spiders.  Apparently, it’s the bite that hurts…. I guess, I can stab them with my Sawyer Extractor.  Is there a patron saint […]

10 Mar
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