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Ultrarunning Mom

Trucker’s Hitch Song and Day 3/255

Chaos report:  I cannot believe it’s Friday.  This week was a blur of Ruby snot, stepping on Cheerios, and reading the kids’ version of the Iliad to Asa. (Black Ships Before Troy – It’s appropriately battle-filled and gory for any little boy’s battle and gore needs –though I think Asa is as tired of the 10 […]

19 Sep
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Checker companions and 2/255

Chaos report: Well, we’ve kicked Ruby out of our bed and out of our bedroom.  Consequently, this is the third night in a row that I am up at the same time as people in Moscow.  I’ve got sugar-is-the-devil documentaries playing on Netflix to drown out the siren call of the ice cream in the […]

18 Sep
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Reboot and Day 1 of 255…

Well, now. It’s been quite a month since Leadville.  Sitting here at the dining room table at 3:51 in the morning with Ruby just asleep in the baby jogger next to me… well, the closest approximation to what’s been going on since  would be a running down a mountain trail at breakneck speed, catching a […]

17 Sep
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Hills for Mogollon and a donut lament

I just got back from 10 hill repeats here. It’s not as scenic as it looks — and I’m probably growing some sort of tumor due to the EMF pollution now.  I’d planned to do 20 repeats, but the heat and humidity squashed me, and I was forced to retreat to the garage treadmill.  It […]

05 Sep
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Soccer at the JCC

I’m about to head out to run on some rocky terrain for Mogollon, but I wanted to write a short post about Asa’s first soccer practice at the Jewish Community Center this past week. We arrived about fifteen minutes early and were the only people on the soccer field for a short while.  Then a […]

30 Aug
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