Liza Howard. Ultrarunning Mom.

Ultrarunning Mom

Purple toes and fudgsicles

I managed to kick one of my chairs pretty hard while I was barefoot the other day, and now my baby toe and the toe that didn’t have roast beef are very dark purple.  They’re not that bothersome when I’m running — only when Asa steps on them, or Ruby body slams them.  I actually […]

24 Jul
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Behind the scenes before Leadville

A misplaced computer power cord, a potential mouse in the kitchen, Beer Garden Tuesday, and that TV show about the Copper Canyon ultra conspired to thwart my blogging yesterday.  I was going to pull some WordPress time machine shenanigans, but I’ve got a few hours to log on the treadmill tonight, and I don’t have […]

23 Jul
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Day 3 and 26 Days Until Leadville

I spent the day catching up on workouts that I missed last week.  I would never recommend this as a coach, but it’s made me feel very good to do what I set out to do.  When things are hard at Leadville, I will remember all the stickers on my workout calendar.  I don’t have […]

21 Jul
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Day 2 on the Blog Wagon and Eliot’s Training Hallucinations

Eliot and I went for a trail run together yesterday morning.  It’s probably the fourth trail run we’ve been on together in the last — Ever.  The Beer Garden Tuesdays we’ve been hosting in our front yard knocked down Eliot’s last anti-running barricades.  Six years of listening to me ramble on about the pleasures of […]

20 Jul
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It’s like this.

This past  month left me feeling like this.  Except without the pillow — or the cute flower shorts.  I’ve been working hard and harder, and it’s been too much to actually think about it all.  And I’ve missed writing and hearing from all of you.  This blog is very much tied into what makes running […]

19 Jul
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