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Leadville 100 2014: Movin’ Right Along, Drones, and Car Pushing

Drones.  There were drones on the Leadville course people.  Well, apparently not everyone was surveilled — just the lead runners.  Keep this in mind fellow runners as you train to get faster: All that hard work may end up with you face to face with one of these guys: I didn’t know there were llamas […]

19 Aug
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Leadville Planning, No Coffee Taper and Graves

I usually do a pretty good coffee taper before 100-mile races.  But with the internet access located in a coffee shop, I have given up on that.  All the up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-with-the-precious-baby exhaustion training should help out when the caffeinated gels don’t.  I suppose I could drink decaf here and still make my hourly donations to the […]

14 Aug
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Coffee in Leadville this morning and photo shoot

I’m sitting in the coffee shop in Leadville this morning sipping an extra hot latte (double shot) out of my new City On A Hill travel mug.  This is, in fact, the second City On A Hill travel mug that I’ve purchased in the last four days.  My friend B. came through town and I […]

12 Aug
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In case you were wondering and CO bound!

In case you were wondering, making a blog o’day commitment right before you’re about to head off to Colorado for two weeks with two young kids in order to run 100-miles … is NOT the best way to set yourself up for success.  Tuesday involved a 30-mile run in 98 degree temperatures on a 2-mile […]

31 Jul
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Krispy Kreme Zen and Leg-lifting

This blog will have nothing to do with me eating donuts.  Because I haven’t been. (Sadly.)  Apparently, Takato, the Japanese exchange student who slept under Asa’s Star Wars sheets over the weekend also worked part-time at Krispy Kreme for a while in Japan.  And apparently, working part-time at a Krispy Kreme in Japan involves going […]

28 Jul
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