Liza Howard. Ultrarunning Mom.

Ultrarunning Mom

In case you were wondering and CO bound!

In case you were wondering, making a blog o’day commitment right before you’re about to head off to Colorado for two weeks with two young kids in order to run 100-miles … is NOT the best way to set yourself up for success.  Tuesday involved a 30-mile run in 98 degree temperatures on a 2-mile […]

31 Jul
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Krispy Kreme Zen and Leg-lifting

This blog will have nothing to do with me eating donuts.  Because I haven’t been. (Sadly.)  Apparently, Takato, the Japanese exchange student who slept under Asa’s Star Wars sheets over the weekend also worked part-time at Krispy Kreme for a while in Japan.  And apparently, working part-time at a Krispy Kreme in Japan involves going […]

28 Jul
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It’s Sunday.

That’s what I’m going with.  I have too many things to accomplish before Monday hits, so I’m going to pretend it hasn’t arrived for at least six more hours.  Ruby Power-Round-House-Kick Howard hasn’t been sleeping well these past few nights, and I’ve brought her into our bed to get her back to sleep.  (I don’t […]

27 Jul
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Bandera Run and Pop-tarts

I’m sitting at a make-shift desk in my bedroom.  Asa is in the bed behind me trying not to fall asleep.  Ruby and Eliot just walked into the living room, and I can hear the TV.  Eliot’s mom and her two shih tzus are in Ruby’s room.  Takato, her Japanese exchange student (and a very […]

26 Jul
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July running

I ran in Government Canyon this morning with five friends.  Five guy friends.  Five speedy guy friends.  I kept up for eleven miles (yeah me!), and then I decided to “make my way” to the water fountain in the parking lot.  I’ve gotten out of the habit of running with a hydration pack.  In fact, […]

25 Jul
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