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Ultrarunning Mom

Toilet dishes

We are heading into the third week of doing our dishes in close proximity to our toilet.  I will say our bathroom is as clean as it’s ever been, but I am starting to fantasize about large sinks.  Sure a stove, oven, washer and dryer would be nice too, but a non-bathroom-sized sink to wash […]

16 Dec
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Dressing in the dark and apology and thank you to New Balance

Perhaps you were wondering how the kitchen was going. You will notice the lack of curtains (among other kitchen items).  This meant I was dressing in the cold garage the morning of the San Antonio marathon.  I couldn’t dress in my room because Ruby was sleeping there — because my in-laws were sleeping in her […]

10 Dec
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San Antonio marathon, flowers and hypothermia

“You can’t outrun Ebola.”  That was one of the handmade signs along the San Antonio marathon course today.  I think I saw it about mile 7 — and I spent the rest of the marathon trying to figure it out.   Was someone there trying to outrun Ebola?  Did the person holding the poster have […]

07 Dec
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Destruction, marathoning, and writing

Hello there.  So there was this: (That’s safe, right?) And then there was this: And then this:   And then lights! Here is the a room I could theoretically be in with the kids — if Ruby wouldn’t keep hurling herself at the plastic tarp dividing the room from the kitchen construction zone… and the […]

06 Dec
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Hiding in the back bedroom

Hello from the bedroom.  I stayed up late getting a USATF coaching cert in track and field, and now I’m taking a day off from getting dressed and making my own coffee and doing mom-ly things.   I’ve got two computers and a tray full of paperwork on the bed, a cup of coffee on […]

28 Nov
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