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No longer safe and freeze dried foods

The pause in blogging has been brought to you by Ruby and her newfound climbing skills. IMG_1382  (Click the link, not the picture, if you want to see the end of Asa’s peace of mind regarding his Legos.) I discovered this expression of Eliot’s climbing genes yesterday when I came around the corner into the […]

18 Feb
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Race Directing Stories, Hot Yoga, Commercials and Squeaky Shoes

Look!  I’m in a commercial of sorts!! I am not sitting on the couch with the rest of the team discussing the importance of pockets and the like because it was filmed around 9pm and Ruby had turned into a wailing banshee halfway through the dinner preceding the video shoot.  She wailed through the team […]

13 Feb
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Fifty percent and pain and the point of running long.

Asa came rushing into the kitchen yesterday in his underwear saying, “Guys!  You’ve got to see this!!”  I’d only had one cup of coffee, and I don’t know what I thought was coming next, but I was pretty relieved he just wanted to show off the size of a bruise on his thigh.  He’d whacked […]

04 Feb
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Rocky 2015: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (and Gear)

I’ve always wanted to visit the Huntsville State Prison gift shop.  Four years I’ve come to Huntsville to run the Rocky 100, and four years, what with one thing and another, I haven’t made it. Not this year; This year, gifts were purchased. Yes, I know how to take care of my crew.  (They actually […]

02 Feb
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Rocky inspiration in progress

I’m sitting in the Starbucks using the last 15 minutes of my babysitter time to try and nail down an answer to “How can running Rocky Raccoon be useful to others?”  That inspiration is what I need to excel on those dang loops.  I found Amby Burfoot’s book The Runner’s Guide to the Meaning of […]

28 Jan
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