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What’s been going on

I was thinking that it’d be neat to compile people’s race reports from different races in one location.  Does something like this exist already.  If so, you need to tell me.   I spent the weekend working and pacing at Cactus Rose in Bandera.  Friends, rocks, sotol, rocks, friends, sotol and Olga’s soul-saving quesadillas and […]

29 Oct
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Social coordinating and 27%

Asa’s 5 year-old crush is coming over after school today.  And I am skipping my run to tidy up the house and buy juice and snacks.  There was a big discussion on a while back about why there aren’t more women running ultras — I think the average was something like 27% — and […]

19 Oct
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Lists, shoes and fans

I have accomplished a grand list and a big chart today.  And three cups of coffee.  (Don’t worry, there are no podcasts in my future, you know.)  Now I’m going to call a good friend and then get start tackling the list.  I’d forgotten how much time training for a race takes.  Hard to believe, […]

17 Oct
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Podcast fun ya know!

I did a podcast last night with the wonderful folks at Trail Runner Nation about Team Red, White & Blue and the Trail Running Camp. Here is the link: I must warn you: A good quarter of the podcast is taken up with me saying “ya know.” Arrrgh!  Try and think of it as […]

16 Oct
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I woke up at 3:57 this morning for no particular reason.  It feels good to have the quiet time here in the house.  I’ve got some 14 miles on the schedule today and a lot of core and weight work — and stretching.  (Stretching.  We hates stretching.)  And then the boys and I are going […]

13 Oct
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