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I was thinking that it’d be neat to compile people’s race reports from different races in one location.  Does something like this exist already.  If so, you need to tell me.  :)

I spent the weekend working and pacing at Cactus Rose in Bandera.  Friends, rocks, sotol, rocks, friends, sotol and Olga’s soul-saving quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Rolando crushing his first 100 — and his sweet son.

Tim representing RWB at the 50.

The trail running camp is only two weeks away and it’s taken over life – in a good way.  My running has been put on hold, which is not a good thing, but maybe an okay thing in the grand scheme of things.

  • Sarah Willis lets you post race reports. I think has links to all sorts of race reports but I don’t know if they store them on the site.

    • Liza Howard

      Awesome! Thank you!!

  • T

    random comment that has nothing to do with this post… As a card-carrying member of the A fan club, I have to ask, (because inquiring minds want to know)… what did the boy wear for Halloween this year?? I see a photo-containing post in your future…

    • Liza Howard

      You are wonderful. :) Posting them now.