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Ultrarunning Mom

Wax on! and guilty pleasures

Eliot and I are watching the original “Karate Kid” movie now.  I don’t think I’ve seen it in a good  15-2o years.  (Is that possible?)  It’s 80s porn.  “Look eye!  Always look eye!” My folks left a lot of old movies behind when they returned to DC. Casablanca.  Maltese Falcon.  Gentlemen Prefer Blonds.   Karate […]

27 Sep
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Trail Running Camp info and insomnia

Check out this piece about the Trail Running Camp on Endurance Buzz.  David asked me all sorts of questions you might want to know the answers to. In other news, I haven’t been sleeping.  I’m not sure what’s up — besides me — but somethings got to give soon.  Asa’s promised to tell me some […]

26 Sep
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Reentry and trail running camp list of wonderful

I just crawled out from under a “To Do” list that clobbered me when I got back from Washington State.  (I tried to fend it off with one of Asa’s light sabers, but it cut off my hand and sat on me.) So have you signed up for the trail running camp on November 9-11th […]

25 Sep
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And back again.

We rolled back into town around 9 this morning and the dust is beginning to settle.  A full report tomorrow after I Skype with the folks at the WMI Staff Meeting about heat and hydration.   The trip up Mt. Shuksan was wonderful, the students were wonderful, my co-instructor and friend was wonderful —  and […]

20 Sep
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Hello from where it rains

I’m up near Conway, Washington getting ready to head out on a short NOLS course.  I do feel a bit like I’m playing Where’s Waldo with myself these days.  So yeah, I arrived I’m about to head up into the North Cascades and out onto some glaciers with five students.  I am not sure how […]

11 Sep
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