Liza Howard. Ultrarunning Mom.

Ultrarunning Mom

Stars and Stripes and De Colores

I went to bed around 9pm and woke up ready to go at 1am.  Dang.   I’ve got 30 miles on the running schedule today and I’m thinking I’m not going to be all that peppy when 9am rolls around and I start running.  Boo. Asa’s performing “De Colores” in a Dual Language Winter Showcase […]

30 Nov
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Astro Boy and Whole30

My parents sent Asa a “Junior Astronaut Helmet” to complete his astronaut outfit from my friend Sandy. Barefoot Runner on the Moon I had to wrestle the helmet off his junior astronaut head before school this morning.  “‘No baseball caps and no hats means no astronaut helmets!”  (We’ll be easy to find at the airport […]

28 Nov
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Bandera update

Bandera on Sunday. Choose your race outfit for the 12th accordingly.   And here’s a blatant look-how-cute-my-kid-is one for you. And then this was in the supermarket parking lot yesterday. Need a closer look? Why pay retail indeed. More on my Whole30 craziness shortly.  Did I tell you Eliot’s doing it too?  I didn’t take […]

27 Nov
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Black Friday running

I’m up at 3:30am for some Black Friday running out at Bandera.  The tryptophan and a great run out at Government Canyon had me in bed before your grandmother last night.  So I’m feeling ready for some deer dodging on the drive out to Bandera and some good miles once I get there. This is […]

23 Nov
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Merry Thanksgiving

My neighbors have their Christmas tree up.  I saw its red and green lights shining from their front window as I herded dust bunnies around the living room last night.  I don’t know these across the street neighbors, so I’m going to have to guess that one of them works in retail.  Because WHY ELSE […]

20 Nov
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