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Podcast fun ya know!

I did a podcast last night with the wonderful folks at Trail Runner Nation about Team Red, White & Blue and the Trail Running Camp.

Here is the link:

I must warn you: A good quarter of the podcast is taken up with me saying “ya know.”

Arrrgh!  Try and think of it as a cute nervous tick and not the most annoying thing ever.  (This will be challenging.)  It does distract you a bit from my teeth sucking though — which I was aware of.   Next time I will skip the three cups of coffee before I complete a recorded conversation.  Ya know.




4 thoughts on “Podcast fun ya know!

  1. Gene Taylor says:

    Loved the podcast, you know. I counted about 30 “you knows” from you before the questions became full of “you knows” from the interviewers. You have to love peer pressure, you know. Got to say it fills the reply and keeps the answers in rhythm.
    Good on ya for signing up for the 24 hr. I predict you will do quite well.
    Maybe two cups next time,

  2. Liza Howard says:

    Ugh. Ya know. :)
    I’m not sure where all that ya-knowing came from. I’ve been recorded lots of times teaching and “ya know” is not my nervous tick — even with pots of coffee in my system. Sometimes I’m an “um-er,” but mostly I avoid speech disfluencies. Oh well. What’s done is done.

  3. J. says:

    I enjoyed the podcast and the “ya knows” didn’t bother me. I just wish I would have heard about the camp sooner. A couple of weeks is not enough time for me to make the arrangements to attend the camp. Will this be a yearly event?

    • Liza Howard says:

      I’m sorry we didn’t have more time to get the word out. We really hope to make this a yearly event. I will do some arm twisting at the event to see what I can do if we don’t have a big grant gift next year. And thanks for saying the “ya knows” didn’t bother you. Made my morning. :)

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