Liza Howard. Ultrarunning Mom.

Ultrarunning Mom

Sweat streams

I had a stream of sweat running off the brim of my hat today during my run.  It was impressive — mainly because I wasn’t sure how long it could go on before I fell over like a desiccated raisin.  I lasted three hours with some very speedy friends and then took the rest of […]

31 Mar
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Butterfly effect

I got to bed late last night sitting around the new patio table tasting some of Eliot’s home brews.  That snowballed into this: Woke up with 50 minutes to get the 4 year-old fed, washed and dressed, and driven 20 minutes to pre-school Forgot to pack 24 plastic eggs for school Easter celebration (12 filled […]

30 Mar
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Blog sloth

Here’s my blogging failure excuse:  Lots and lots of coaching.  It’s like the ultra season has started or something.  I’ve made file folders and charts and created a lovely system, so I should be up and blogging again each morning.  I miss writing.  And really, I miss responding when you all comment. The WFA course […]

28 Mar
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Omens and Tusker

Hello from the Raddisson in Dallas.  I’m up here to teach a Wilderness First Aid class this weekend.  Despite this hotel art, I think it’s going to be a great weekend.  (Minus any hilly running.)  I think this because a man boarding the plane in San Antonio was wearing a Tusker Beer T-shirt.  (From our […]

23 Mar
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Security and appetites

We’re having a security system put in the house this morning.  I’ve never lived in a house with a security system, but there have been a couple of break-ins around the neighborhood and it seemed like it was either this or a large dog.  I’m not ready for a large dog, so  there’s a security […]

22 Mar
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