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Butterfly effect

I got to bed late last night sitting around the new patio table tasting some of Eliot’s home brews.  That snowballed into this:

Woke up with 50 minutes to get the 4 year-old fed, washed and dressed, and driven 20 minutes to pre-school

Forgot to pack 24 plastic eggs for school Easter celebration (12 filled with candy, taped shut and numbered with a Sharpie 1-12 and packed in an egg carton — and 12 empty ready to become “Resurrection Eggs”)

Forgot to pack a second and third water bottle for my 13 mile hill repeat run with a speedy friend (It was in the high 80s today)

Arrived 10 minutes late to run

Ran for 2:26 minutes

Got home dehydrated in soaking wet clothes and realized I’d failed to finish a new runner’s training plan

Worked on training plan

1:40: Rememebered I’d promised to bring Eliot lunch because there wasn’t any food in the fridge when he left for work (Pre-school lets out at 2:30)

1:45 Pushed the send button, grabbed my purse and dashed to the door to head to Bill Miller’s for some quick BBQ take-out for Eliot.  Spotted plastic Easter eggs on counter, still unfilled, un-numbered and un-cartoned.  Realized Asa had taped them all shut with multiple wraps of tape.

1:45-2:00 Pulled tape off, filled with beans, located Sharpie, numbered eggs, put them in bags, remembered egg carton requirement. Discovered an egg had exploded in cardboard egg carton in the fridge.  Tried to clean it, wondered briefly about salmonella, shoved eggs and headed out the door.

2:00 Called Eliot, apologized about tardiness (He had bummed half a tuna fish sandwich off a co-worker) and asked for his Bill Miller order

2:05 Tried to place Eliot’s order at drive thru, but thwarted by Bill Miller employee who insisted I was misreading the menu (I was not!)

2:07 Ordered random BBQ platter with random sides and sweet tea (which I’ve never seen Eliot drink)

2:15 Dropped platter off with brief apologies (“It’s not the food you ordered, but it is food.”)

2:17 Stopped in stand still traffic

2:19-2:30 Broke a few traffic laws and arrived on time to pick up Asa

Then the day got kind of hectic and now it’s 10:30 pm and I’m running 30 miles starting at 6am.  Home brew patio table butterfly effect.



17 thoughts on “Butterfly effect

  1. Sara Grafton says:

    Have another brew and a good weekend!

  2. Erin says:

    sorry but the home brew and the high 80s sound soooooo yummy to me!! (the other stuff sounds like my normal :))

  3. mtnrunner2 says:

    Man, I’m not detailed enough to participate in such a demanding Easter at school. So, I’m guessing since the eggs are empty, I guess the chicks have already risen from the dead? Do kids get all this? I don’t.

    And honestly, I don’t know how mom athletes do what you do without losing their mind. I’m lucky to remember to fix my own dinner and put my shirt on right side out in the morning.

  4. Gene Taylor says:

    So, other than that stuff, how was your day?
    Hope you are enjoying the run,

    • Liza Howard says:

      The day was actually pretty darn great all in all.  :)  And the run was sweat-soaked, but great.  I had a stream of sweat running off my hat brim an hour into the run.  Stream.  Better sweat than rain, I guess.  How’s the weather up there?

      • Gene says:

        Today, it was cloudy,breezy and 44 degrees for a high.  After all the super hot (record setting 70-83 degree stuff we have had) it felt pretty darned cold while working the aid station at the Mad City 50k today.  Supposed to be in the 60’s next week.
        Glad you had a good run,

  5. Goodfella says:

    Sounds like that scene from Goodfellas, except they had spaghetti, guns, cocaine, & a helicopter following. Glad you didn’t end up in prison or having to testify against your running partners!

  6. Liza Howard says:

    You are invited to visit and enjoy the Texas Spring any time.

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