Liza Howard. Ultrarunning Mom.

Ultrarunning Mom

Immortality and UltrAspire

You know, looking back I never thought I’d be considered an elite anything.  (Yes, that’s a bandana I’m wearing — among other things.  You’ll have to leave a comment for the full story.) Yeah, no elite glimmers here either.    (An oldie but a goodie.) But more than that, I certainly had no inking I […]

29 Feb
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Heat tested GUs

This is what comes of doing four loads of laundry at a time. Happily those little GU packets are pretty sturdy.  The question is:  Should I still eat them?  I’m know I’m not going to find the answer on the FAQs section of GU’s website.  And I don’t quite feel up to a “Hi, this […]

28 Feb
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Nyquil and monsters

I picked up a bug over the weekend and spent most of Saturday and Sunday playing phlegmy sick person.  Happily no one else in the house was sick, — so they could tend to me.  (Eliot made me an apple pie.  It was like the traditional apple sauce and toast sick person fare, but so […]

27 Feb
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Pictures, bribery and parenting

Sorry for the blog outage.  I’ve been mourning the death of my Garmin 305.  Wailing, gnashing teeth, and checking prices of Garmins on Amazon.  Anybody like the 410? So there’s a chance Asa and I might have our picture in a magazine.  Very exciting.  And if it happens, I want you to know the backstory. […]

24 Feb
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Drink chocolate milk!

I promised a story about bribery and intrigue, but that’s going to have to wait a day until I vent a bit about Borden Milk Products and Elsie the Cow.  I’d like to start by saying that I think chocolate milk is great.  And that I know nothing about the Borden Milk Products beyond the fact […]

21 Feb
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