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Ultrarunning Mom

Cascarones everywhere!

It’s Fiesta time here in San Antonio, which means some of this: and lots and lots of these: and, of course, this: (among many other things).  I managed to escape “Mini-Fiesta” today at Asa’s school with only carton of of cascarones left in my big mom purse.  We’d started the event with 6 dozen.  OK, […]

26 Apr
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No drama today

Today passed without any drama. Wait!  What am I saying?  I got an e-mail from New Balance letting me know there might be another team photo shoot.  With all the Outdoor Ambassadors.  I’m doing crunches as I type.  So a few questions:  1.  Where does one buy tan in a can?  2.  Gray is a […]

24 Apr
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Couldn’t make this up

I was almost too embarrassed to post this, but then I figured somebody out there might need a story that would help convince them they weren’t the most incompetent person out there. I had a big mileage weekend, which required some “strategery” with Eliot out of town.  My mother in-law and the shih tzus came […]

23 Apr
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Social mores and deciders

My friend and I shared a babysitter last week while we went on a long run.  When we got back to his house, we found Asa sitting naked on the couch watching Sponge Bob.  Apparently Asa had decided he didn’t want to get back in his clothes after he’d gone swimming in their pool.  It […]

20 Apr
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Runner’s World article

My mother in-law is in town while Asa’s gooey eyeballs run their course (Thanks Kate!),  so I had time to run to the bookstore to check out the RW’s article.  $6.48 for a copy!  I tried to get the salesgirl to give me a discount since I was pictured inside, but she was indifferent to […]

19 Apr
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