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Security and appetites

We’re having a security system put in the house this morning.  I’ve never lived in a house with a security system, but there have been a couple of break-ins around the neighborhood and it seemed like it was either this or a large dog.  I’m not ready for a large dog, so  there’s a security  guy in my laundry room as I type.  I had to move the washer for him to do his work and I exposed some escaped socks and undergarments.  The investment is already paying off.

I got a book called Chess for Children at the library yesterday.  Asa’s pretty quick with games and strategy, so I figure it’ll be a good primer for me.  I’m not a chess player.  More Spades.  Eliot’s tried to teach me a couple of times, but my disinterest got the better of him.   I’ll let you know how it goes.

Time to get Asa to a sword battle now.

PS.  The running is going well.  My body’s absorbing the mileage and all systems seem to be go.  My appetite is huge-normous with the increased mileage though and I’m challenged not to out-eat both Eliot and Asa at mealtimes.

2 thoughts on “Security and appetites

  1. Pommers says:

    Chess will be good for the boy! Our eldest, Joshua, enjoys it and is getting quite good at it, but does make a habit of trying to ‘Queen’ his Pawns, rather than anything else!. Glad to hear the running is ramping back up and on target as well.

  2. Amanda T. Alvarado says:

    Yay to the security system! Asa is going to be a chess champ in no time! Let’s schedule the enchilada dinner on a long run day…after the long run of course! ;0)

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