Liza Howard. Ultrarunning Mom.

Ultrarunning Mom

To Big Bend and Back Again

We’ve been out in Big Bend on a family camping trip these past few days.  There was a good amount of oatmeal eating in the cold.    Some balancing shenanigans with good friends. Some rock skipping lessons and some sand dune scaling. (Asa’s the little black smudge on the far right.) It was a family […]

31 Dec
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Lightsaber battling

Blogging will resume as soon as I defeat Young Skywalker.  

23 Dec
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Little piggy and markets

My parents are in town and we are having a grand time.  Yesterday we went to the commissary on Fort Sam Houston so they could stock my cupboards.  We are now stocked and I have a new strategy for the hills at Bandera on the 7th.  I will roll down them.  This little piggy went […]

21 Dec
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Angels taste good

  Lovely homemade angel cookie. Lovely 4 year-old boy.  

19 Dec
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Smug virtue and early morning running

I dragged myself out of bed at 4 this morning to meet a friend for a 5am run.  I am also scheduled for a 7am run with some other friends today.  (Long run, anyone?)  In any event, it took every bit of willpower I have not to send a text to my 5am date canceling […]

17 Dec
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