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Little piggy and markets

My parents are in town and we are having a grand time.  Yesterday we went to the commissary on Fort Sam Houston so they could stock my cupboards.  We are now stocked and I have a new strategy for the hills at Bandera on the 7th.  I will roll down them.  This little piggy went to market, indeed.

The best quote from the visit so far has been from Eliot.  Picture him and Asa bent over instructors for a remote control Tyrannosaurus Rex.  “Okay, Asa, first we’re going to need piece 815.”  My parents and I almost dropped to the floor laughing.  It turned out later it was piece “A-15,” but it certainly looks like there could be 815 pieces in this tyrant lizard.

I’ve got to get the coffee going for the family now and then hop on the treadmill for some hill work.  More tomorrow.  (And a picture of the butcher block paper calendar.)  (Gotta use y’all for some accountability today.  Bandera is close and the wine and cheese and Lebkuchen are out of control here.)

5 thoughts on “Little piggy and markets

  1. Thom-Pig says:

    My wonderful spouse has been baking: day1 – dozens of various christmas cookies, day 2- peppermint bark, day 3- fudge. I am upping my miles to offset the vicious calorie intake.

  2. Sara Grafton says:

    Your website looks great!  I follow from Google reader and just clicked over.  Merry Christmas!!!

  3. Domingo says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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