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Hello folks.  I failed at fending off the onslaught of 4 year-old borne germs and I am sick.  Not wildly sick. Just sit in a bathrobe at the dining room table while sipping on hot tea and not accomplishing much of anything sick.  I have been doing some reading so I will share this awesome […]

30 Nov
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Outrunning Peter and Paul

I was attacked by a huge “To Do”  list when we got home on Saturday and I spent most of yesterday and today circling #1 on the list: the Family Budget.  It’s 10:13pm and I feel just about ready to work some magic.  My mother always talked about “Robbing Peter to Pay Paul” when she […]

28 Nov
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Homeward bound

We are driving back from Thanksgiving in Houston right now and the rain is impressive.  We’ve got Rabbit Ears Radio blasting in the back and my lap is full of notebooks and day planners.  (If I move to a 29-hour day, I should be able to wipe the To Do list clean by New Year’s.) We saw […]

26 Nov
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Jacuzzis, marriage, and plans

Asa and I are in his grandparents’ bathroom enjoying the jacuzzi tub.  Well, I’m sitting on the floor while he shoots balls out of a plastic pig’s nose in the jacuzzi tub.  And the jacuzzi tub jets aren’t on — because Asa refuses to let me push the “On” button.  You can’t really  talk a […]

24 Nov
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For your listening pleasure

Once the kids and your non-running spouse fall asleep on your Thanksgiving drive home, here is something for your listening pleasure from UltraRunner Podcast.  (Hal Koerner and me.) I haven’t listened to the whole podcast yet.  Fingers crossed I do not sound like a wingnut — more of a wingnut than usual.  Thanks to the […]

23 Nov
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