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Ultrarunning Mom

Back on the blog wagon

Asa and I made it home from Virginia late last night and we’re having fun reacquainting ourselves with our toys today.  (Blog!  I’ve missed you!)  I’m also kind of expecting to see our cab driver drive slowly past our house.  The man was creepy.  He didn’t acknowledge or respond to anything I said to him […]

31 Jan
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I am alive.  And I’ve reconfirmed that I’m an introvert.  By the time I get back to the hotel after talking from 8 to 5, I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck.  I always kind of thought I must be a bit of an extrovert because I’m a bit over the top […]

27 Jan
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Texas Boy in Snow

Asa saw his second snowfall over the weekend.  (He does’t remember his first.)  We put him right to work. And then we filled him with hot chocolate and set his wet shoes by the fire. I’d write more, but I’m too tired to breathe right now. Oh, but here’s a strangely fluffy rabbit I saw […]

22 Jan
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Passing time

I’m sitting in the back of the classroom while my co-instructor teaches about hypothermia and frostbite.  He lives in Wyoming.  I took on heat stroke and heat exhaustion this afternoon.  Seemed appropriate.  I’ll definitely toss in a few Texas summer trail running scenarios.  I might even throw in a few Leadville stories for the altitude […]

20 Jan
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Have you heard about this new ultrarunning podcast?

I was listening to the recent edition of Marathon Talk last night and right around minute 10:20 they started talking about a new podcast dedicated to ultramarathoning hosted by Ian Corless and Ian Sharman.  Talk Ultra.  About 90 minutes every two weeks.  The first show will be aired at the end of January and they’ll […]

19 Jan
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