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Have you heard about this new ultrarunning podcast?

I was listening to the recent edition of Marathon Talk last night and right around minute 10:20 they started talking about a new podcast dedicated to ultramarathoning hosted by Ian Corless and Ian Sharman.  Talk Ultra.  About 90 minutes every two weeks.  The first show will be aired at the end of January and they’ll be a link to it on the marathon talk website.   Did you already know about this?  (Then why didn’t you tell me?)  The more ultrarunning podcasts the better.  And this one sounds like it’ll cover the international scene as well as the US scene.  And the hosts have accents.  ;)

Gotta go teach splinting now.

4 thoughts on “Have you heard about this new ultrarunning podcast?

  1. Maryt says:

    It makes me laugh that it’s 90 minutes. An ultra talk show couldn’t air for any less time and consider itself an ultra talk show.

    • Liza says:

      So true.  Wish it were longer though… That’s not much entertainment for a long run.  How is your running these days?

    • Lizajanep says:

      I know! :)
      Saved my sanity on the treadmill last night. The music in between segments is loud, so be careful if you’re wearing headphones.

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