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Back on the blog wagon

Asa and I made it home from Virginia late last night and we’re having fun reacquainting ourselves with our toys today.  (Blog!  I’ve missed you!)  I’m also kind of expecting to see our cab driver drive slowly past our house.  The man was creepy.  He didn’t acknowledge or respond to anything I said to him after I gave him our address.  He just talked to himself on and off and stared at us in the rearview mirror, and then asked some disturbing questions.  I hurried Asa into the house as soon as he’d slammed our luggage onto the ground.  I locked the front door, checked the locks on all the other doors, and the turned on all the lights.  I even predialed 911 on the phone.  (Really, really creepy.)  I told Eliot about it when he got home a couple of hours later and he handed me the keys I’d left hanging in the front door lock.

In any event, creepy cabby thoughts are being pushed out of my head by thoughts of Rocky. My pace chart is complete.  The adding almost killed me, but my pacers and family should know when I’ll be where — give or take 43 minutes.  Attaching the 20 mile splits to the time of day turned out to be like balancing an check book.  (I’m turning 40 tomorrow, so I can make those kind of old timey references.)  I finally decided to just ignore an unaccounted 43 minutes.  I’m sure I’ll find them on the 4th.  I’ll post the pace chart on race day, so you can see how things are going if you’re interested.  Eliot will Tweet too.  I’m feeling a bit blah from the taper and the Baltimore sidewalk running, but I think I’ve had enough hard 100s now to know what I’ll need to do if the running doesn’t feel great during the race.  I’ve got my “Suck it up!” and my Team Red White & Blue shirt ready.  And my dad’s going to be there this year.  This’ll be his first ultra viewing, so I’m going to do my best to make it worth his while.  I am hoping it doesn’t pour the whole race for his sake as much as mine.  OK, gotta get the house a bit respectable for the sitter tonight.  Will be at Ike coaching for Tejas Trails from 6-7.  Come out if you can.  More tomorrow.  (Back on the blog wagon.)

10 thoughts on “Back on the blog wagon

  1. Karen Felicidario says:

    See you at Rocky, Liza!

  2. Pommers says:

    Good luck with the race Liza – will look out for the tweets :-)

  3. Paige says:

    Wowee!  A birthday and a big race all in the same week!  Well happy (early) birthday, Liza!!!!  And I’m super looking forward to tracking your race at RR.  It’s gonna be a great one!

    • Lizajanep says:

      Thanks! It does feel like the stars are aligning — turning 40, dad’s coming to a race for the first time, pacers & crew intact for 4th go around. Feeling happy and ready to run some flat trails. I think I’ll have to give Eliot a tweet quota.

  4. Gene Taylor says:

    Happy Birthday from Wisconsin!  I have heard that rain might be in the works for Friday, but, as of today, the weekend should be rain free.  Hope they are right.
    Have a “good” time, using as many definitions of good as you can find.

  5. Caweber2001 says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday! I missed you not being on the blog wagon! Glad you are back and have a fun race!

  6. Tlbspitzer says:

    Happy birthday!!! Have a fantastic day!- we have all missed you here!

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