Liza Howard. Ultrarunning Mom.

Ultrarunning Mom

Lightsaber battling

Blogging will resume as soon as I defeat Young Skywalker.


  • Karen

    I bet he wins!!!

    • Liza

      Always Karen.  But I did have fun telling him, “Luke, I am your mother.”

  • Maryt

    He is almost as tall as you! JK. Chris and I hope your training is going well!!!!!! Goooooooo Liza!

    • Liza

      I still have a good foot on him I think.  Slowly getting back on top of things. More soon.  :)

  • Tlbspitzer

    Ok Liza, I know you’re all about New Year’s resolutions… Can’t wait to hear what you’ve got this year. I remember in VaB when one of your resolutions was to eat less than 2 meals/day of Powerbar Harvest bars. Ah, mornings of 7-11 coffee and Harvest bar… what a time in our lives.
    Here’s to new beginnings- Happy New Year!

    • Liza

      A Harvest Bar would have been downright healthy.  I was surviving on Protein Plus Power Bars and two fireballs.  I’m working on the 2012 list now.   Asa got roller skates for Christmas, and he’s slowing things down because I keep having to rescue him from certain death.  
      Happy Happy New Year to you!!