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Rain, pictures, and cultural highlights at the Grandparents’ Breakfast

You know how I was all excited by the rain here in San Antonio the other day?

Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 5.50.21 AMYeah, well we got a grand total of 0.25 inches of rain in that deluge — bringing our September accumulation up to 0.255 (just a guess).  It’s hard to imagine the Front Range’s 10+ inches.  Hard to be a pluviophile when you live at the bottom of a canyon system.  Asa’s initial I’ve-grown-up-during-during-a-drought-in-San-Antonio comment was:  “The trees must be really happy.”  My thoughtful lesson about the impact of too much water from the sky (complete with videos) fell on deaf ears.  (The foolish student who videoed himself tubing through a tunnel near CU didn’t help my cause.)  I hope you Colorado folks stay safe and dry today.

Did you all see these photos by Christopher Boffoli on the NPR website yesterday?

cupcake  broccoli


archeologist I’m thinking his book is definitely Christmas present material.  Good thing my sister never reads this blog.

Eliot just got back from the Grandparents’ Breakfast at Asa’s school.  Parents were invited too, and since we have no grandparents in town, and Asa really wanted a plastic wrapped cinnamon roll and sausage link, Grandpa Eliot went along.  Truth is, Eliot and I are just as old as some of the 1st graders grandparents.   Eliot said he sat across from a 45 year-old grandfather, who spent the breakfast discussing his 28 year-old son who had had a couple of heart bypass surgeries and lived at home with him.  He lowered his voice after that (in respectful recognition of the 6 year-olds at the table) and shared how his son had been date raped at a party by a “big fat Mexican girl.”  I stopped Eliot at this point to confirm that this man was a complete stranger and that Asa was sitting at the table listening to the conversation — along with the fellow’s grandkid.  Yup.  I’m hoping Asa’s happy memories of link sausages erase any questions about date rape.  I’m not up to explaining date rape to a 6 year-old today.  I’ve got a Nurse Midwife appointment with a non-stress test, 77 e-mails, and a budget to take care of.  AND some exercising!  The baby shifted yesterday and my back pain pretty much disappeared.  Woohoo!  I’m gonna hike up hill on the treadmill for a few hours today and then see how a run feels tomorrow morning.  Baby countdown:  30 days (if she waits 40 weeks to make her appearance).


6 thoughts on “Rain, pictures, and cultural highlights at the Grandparents’ Breakfast

  1. olga says:

    My mother had become a grandma at my age (I am running late). Technically, I should be a grandma by now with if my older son ever gets his s%&t together, but whatever, I know I am not babysitting! :)

    • lizahoward says:

      This one little kid asked a friend of mine who came to the school to have lunch with her daughter why she was so old. We had a great time coming with inappropriate responses after the fact.

  2. Gene Taylor says:

    Re my email about the cupcake picture. Question answered by this post.
    Have a great weekend,

  3. Cheryl Anderson says:

    Yay! So glad you have some relief with your back!
    Also, I would gladly give up some of our rain!! Had to climb over a fallen tree on last nights run!

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