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Rain and Trail Running Camp Stuff

It’s raining outside, and I feel like doing a little waddle dance around the house to celebrate.  (But I’m just going to have an extra cup of coffee instead.)  We’re on Stage 2 Drought Restrictions the plants in our front yard are sad.  I was sadder when I saw my water bill last month.  I would have made a great farmer if it only involved speculating about the weather — and not actually growing things.  Asa and I spent a good 3o minutes yesterday laying odds on whether the huge dark cumulonimbus clouds were going to yield any rain.  (No.)   Update:  I just dropped Eliot off at work and got to enjoy seeing San Antonians dealing with water falling from the sky.  Really the only thing better than rain in San Antonio is watching locals deal with that rain.  It seemed like there was a general agreement on the UTSA campus to pretend the rain wasn’t happening.  We saw one fellow walking slowly across the street in a dress shirt and slacks — getting absolutely soaked.  It was like he was a first grader who wasn’t connecting getting soaked now with sitting around in wet clothes for the rest of the day.

I’ve been spending most of my non-nesting time working on the Trail Running Camp .  It’s full now, and we’re putting names on a waiting list.  Dang!  Right now we have 100 Team RWB veterans attending, 60 non-veterans, and 40 volunteers — and a coffee sponsor.  Going to be perfect.  Honestly, the hardest part for me right now is turning down wonderful people who offer to help with the camp.  “Yeah, thanks so much for volunteering to spend  your whole weekend helping us, but… no thanks.”  I’ll go ahead and keep hoping my biggest challenge is being overblessed with generous people.

OK, time to waddle around the house for a bit.

3 thoughts on “Rain and Trail Running Camp Stuff

  1. Rob M. says:

    Eagerly awaiting November for another amazing weekend and meeting all of the great mentors! Last year was one of the highlights of my life and it is awesome of you all to give up your time to put this on. See you soon!

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