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Have you seen this yet on The Oatmeal?

Screen shot 2013-09-14 at 7.04.08 AMA friend of mine posted it on FB yesterday.  Here’s the link.

Best comments:

O: “I don’t even know what it is! I am so doomed!”

J: “O. since I am the Sriracha Jesus, I forgive you.”

Screen shot 2013-09-14 at 7.23.15 AM

Me?  I’m the Dark Lord of Sriracha.

Screen shot 2013-09-14 at 7.29.40 AM


Ironically, I’ve put Sriracha on oatmeal…

Anyway, I’d write more, but I’ve got to head out for a run.  Weeeeeee!

Baby countdown:  B – 30 days.

Oh, and I almost forgot!

Dear Nurse Midwives,

If you are going to have me insert things various inches into various orifices, a little heads up before the appointment — or even before you use the words “insert” and hand me mutant q-tips — would be greatly appreciated.


Huge Pregnant Lady


  • Gene Taylor

    Have’nt tried it on oatmeal yet but it sure is good on anything else I have tried.
    Glad the urchin moved and gave you pain relief. Enjoy the last month if you can,

    • Liza Howard

      Will do! And the oatmeal and sriracha was at toward the end of a 50 day course for NOLS a number of years ago — after many days of oatmeal. I don’t know how good savory oats would be here in the front country.

  • trimble

    from one dark lord to another…

    • Liza Howard

      So true.