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Ultrarunning Mom

Rockhopper party preparations

Asa’s busy making papel picado for out Rockhopper gathering this evening.  Except he’s not using scissors, so I guess they’re more like prayer flags — except they’re made out of paper and not cloth.  It’ll be festive regardless.  He’s instructed me to hang them high, so they won’t be disturbed by the pitched water gun […]

28 Jun
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Is that how you spell that?  Eliot is taking some vacation time and we’re mostly staying in town enjoying being a family.  We’re going to go on a canoe trip for a few days on the upper Guadalupe and climbing out at Enchanted Rocks, but mostly we’re just going to do a little reflection and […]

27 Jun
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Western States 2012: No Heat Training Required

I just couldn’t bring myself to believe it was going to rain at this year’s Western States.  Sure, I’d heard the pre-race weather reports.  Unseasonably cold.  Lows in the 30s.  Highs in the 50s.  With a 30% chance of rain.  In my mind, that meant clouds and a few brief showers.  Surely it didn’t mean […]

25 Jun
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Hi there and Western States

Hello from San Antonio!  I’m sitting at my desk working my way through piles of paperwork and bills and e-mails that have been ignored since I left for Leadville.  So when we last spoke, I was in Lead-vegas teaching a Wilderness First Responder Course.  My friend Brian came to town and we ran up and […]

20 Jun
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Elbert: Check

Brian and I ran up Mt. Elbert yesterday after class. (Witness the challenge of the 5’1 and 6’6 person photo.)  (And don’t our teeth look kind of huge?) We didn’t have a lot of time for posing because there was a nice clap of thunder as soon as we got there. Brian was kind enough […]

07 Jun
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