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Ultrarunning Mom

Crewing Badwater

  We’re en route from Lone Pine to the airport in Las Vegas retracing the 135 miles of the Badwater course along the way.  Seeing Doug’s feat as a whole, rather than in one mile increments over forty hours, makes it even more impressive. (And it was wildly impressive at the time.) 135 miles on […]

20 Jul
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Driving Badwater

  It was cooler than usual  here in Death Valley yesterday– only 102 when we arrived– and we had fun playing unimpressed Texans. “I don’t know, I just thought it would be hotter.”  I alternated that with a panicked, “It’s just so HOT.  I can’t think!!!” A good time was had by all.   Doug […]

15 Jul
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Badwater Bound!

  I am en route to Death Valley this morning to crew a friend at Badwater.  I’m really excited to witness the spectacle.  My friend wants to attempt to climb Mount Whitney after the race.  That’s my main role in the adventure: Get Doug up Whitney.  After 135 miles in 120 degree temps, the extra […]

14 Jul
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Older women, parking garages, and flour

I’ve been hanging out on the treadmill at 15% and it’s been seriously cutting into my blog time.  And my glutes are tender this morning.  I’m heading to the parking garage at UTSA tonight to do some stairwell climbing.  It’ll be difficult to imagine the top level is Hope Pass, but I’m game.  It’s been […]

11 Jul
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Altitude and tiny climbers

Late Sunday night?!?  Arrgh. I just finished writing an article for The Trail Running Club about training to run races at altitude when you live close to sea level.  I’ll put a link to it if they decide to post it.  It took me forever to write it.  I felt like I was back in college […]

09 Jul
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