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Ultrarunning Mom

Rockhopper party preparations

Asa’s busy making papel picado

for out Rockhopper gathering this evening.  Except he’s not using scissors, so I guess they’re more like prayer flags — except they’re made out of paper and not cloth.  It’ll be festive regardless.  He’s instructed me to hang them high, so they won’t be disturbed by the pitched water gun battling he envisions taking place tonight.  (Rockhoppers Be Warned and BYOWG.)

I’m excited for the sitting and storytelling.  I’ll have to run and make an emergency picnic table bench purchase this afternoon to ensure I actually have a place to sit — along with the guests.   Keep your fingers crossed no one falls from the treehouse or turns an ankle fleeing from Asa’s water weapons.

6 thoughts on “Rockhopper party preparations

  1. Tlbspitzer says:

    Just catching up on all of your posts. Boards kept me in solitary confinement and I’m just working my way out of the darkness. Congrats on finishing WS and living to tell the tale. Packers are here today. Moving back east in 2 days- Mom, me and Kaya… you can imagine the fun that’s in store…

    • Liza Howard says:

      Good luck on the moving!  Wish I were around to help out.  I’m very excited that I’ll be able to see you the next time I visit my parents. :)

  2. Alison Bryant says:

    Sounds like it will be a fun event!  Wish we lived close enough to hang out with our TX friends!

  3. Niki says:

    Dang it I missed the treehouse! Next time…..

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