Liza Howard. Ultrarunning Mom.

Ultrarunning Mom

Altitude nerd

If I had to list a “happy place,” Leadville at the end of May would be that place.  Here’s our outdoor classroom: I brought my pulse oximeter along on this trip to track my o2 sats — because I’m just that nerdy.  And because I’ve read and heard how it’s better to show up the […]

31 May
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9 miles on Turquoise Lake and mountain morning

Hello from Leadville!  I wanted to get up super early this morning to have time to run and e-mail before class, but the bed wouldn’t let me up.  I struggled free around 6, showered and got ready for class, and then realized that I hadn’t changed my watch to mountain time and it was only […]

30 May
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Thoughts, foolishness and Aveos

  Hello from somewhere between Washington, DC and Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I’ve got a short layover in Grand Rapids before I head on to Denver.  Then it’ll be me and a cup of coffee in a Chevy Aveo en route to Pb-ville. I want to stop en route and take a picture of Mt. Gray […]

29 May
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Rambo Howard

Asa is outside my parents house right now in a fierce water gun battle with the neighbor’s kid. Why yes, those are extra water-filled cartridges attached to his waist.  Rambo Howard.  Don’t worry, the other kid is similarly outfitted.   More this evening.  We’ve got to make an emergency Target run for a bathing suit […]

28 May
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En route to Leadville by way of DC

Asa and I are at the San Antonio airport making our way through his Lego Star Wars sticker book while we wait for our flight to board.  Asa’s going to spend the next two weeks with my (wonderful and generous)  parents while I teach a WFR in Leadville.  I almost didn’t check the Leadville weather […]

27 May
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