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Ultrarunning Mom

En route to Leadville by way of DC

Asa and I are at the San Antonio airport making our way through his Lego Star Wars sticker book while we wait for our flight to board.  Asa’s going to spend the next two weeks with my (wonderful and generous)  parents while I teach a WFR in Leadville.  I almost didn’t check the Leadville weather as I did my last minute packing.  High of 46F.  Low of 23.  !!!  Toto we’re not in San Antonio anymore.  Running tightisland gloves it is!  More from our Chicago layover.

3 thoughts on “En route to Leadville by way of DC

  1. ATAlvarado says:

    Brrr! It’s gonna be cold! Enjoy! I am sure it will be beautiful!

  2. Pommers says:

    Have a great time in Leadville Liza – hope it warms up a bit for August though :-)

  3. Domingo says:

    Have a safe trip! Take care.

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