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9 miles on Turquoise Lake and mountain morning

Hello from Leadville!  I wanted to get up super early this morning to have time to run and e-mail before class, but the bed wouldn’t let me up.  I struggled free around 6, showered and got ready for class, and then realized that I hadn’t changed my watch to mountain time and it was only 5:15.  Score!  So no run yet, but a little blogging and some class prep.

I’m on the campus of the High Mountain Institute  just past the Mount Massive Golf Course heading toward the Fish Hatchery (for those of you familiar with Lead-vegas).


It’s a wonderful place with some pretty fortunate students wandering around.

Anyway!  I got to town around 4pm yesterday and headed directly to Turquoise Lake for a run before the effects of the altitude could smack me down.  I realize this doesn’t make much physiological sense, but it seems like it takes my body about 5 hours to realize the air is thin.  I ran 9 miles reveling in the smell of pine trees and soft footing the entire way.  I think the temperatures were in the 60s, which probably did a lot to offset the effects of 10,000 feet.  We always joke in San Antonio that the heat and humidity has to have some training benefits for running at altitude and I think it does.  Heat index of 100 = less suffering at 10,000 feet?

I only saw four other people on the trail, which surprised me.  Where was everybody?   I mean, sure it was a Tuesday afternoon and all, but it’s the end of May.  I expected more vacationing families soaking in the gorgeousness.

The altitude finally did smack me down around 8pm and I crawled into bed with a fine headache, feeling pretty nauseated.  My appetite is still down this morning, but I’m not nauseated and my head is fine.  We’ll see how the run feels this afternoon.  Time to teach some wilderness medicine now.  :)

PS.  Here’s the view from my room.  That’s Mount Massive in the background.

I love my job.


13 thoughts on “9 miles on Turquoise Lake and mountain morning

  1. Kelly Agnew says:

    Very jealous! Leadville is my favorite place to run. I’ll be out in July for the 50 and back in August for the 100. I can’t wait. Have fun and we’ll see you in August!

    • Liza Howard says:

      Yeah!  I will take lots of Leadville pictures for you these next 10 days Kelly and eat a few slices of pizza from High Mountain Pies for you.  I love it here too.  I almost bought a Leadville coffee mug and shot glass at the Safeway yesterday.  Pathetic.  ;)

  2. ATAlvarado says:

    Beautiful! Wow! Looks so peaceful! I am sure no cicada bug sounds at night over there! Lol!

  3. Brett says:

    You are correct – look up Density Altitude:

    At 90F+ heat index it can often ‘feel’ like you’re quite a few thousand feet higher than you are…

  4. Pommers says:

    So jealous Liza! Have a great time with the course. Interesting about the altitude / temperature thing – I was aware, but always surprised it makes such a difference.

  5. Stacey says:

    You do have a great job!!

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