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Overheard at the Bandera 100k

Visiting trail runner about local trail runner:  “Oh yeah, I remember him, we met at a trail race last year.  We showered together.  I mean, we showered at the state park together.  I mean, we showered in stalls next to each other at the state park…  He told me about how he loved Payday candy bars… OK, there’s just no way to make this sound good.”

Masters 100k runner post race: “And then my right foot and my left ankle cramped at the same time and I fell over onto the trail. Directly across it.  I lay there until I heard another runner coming and then I yelled out,”I’m not dead!”

The Bandera 100k was a gut check for me this year.  I don’t know how hot it got, but I certainly felt like I’d been smacked down by the Hand of God until late in the afternoon.   I plugged along like we all do because there’s nothing like a lovely new belt buckle.  I’ll write a good report tonight.  (I managed to do three ridiculous, blog-worthy things before the race even got going.)  It’s about 6am right now and sitting in at the finish line in three puffy jackets waiting for the last three runners to come in.  Running on the Bandera trails for close to 24 hours is huge.

But, most importantly, here is the start of the Bandera 1mile.

242 played Timothy Olson.  243 ran in black moon boots.  (Future Hoka zealot.)  And they finished in order of height.  Joe had medals and whistle for all of them and Asa walked around with his number pinned to his shirt for the rest of the afternoon.  Joe and Joyce Prusaitis do good work.  :)

Full Race Report here.

35 thoughts on “Overheard at the Bandera 100k

  1. mtnrunner2 says:

    Congratulations on your finish, in spite of His Hand. 

    Is #242 has better kicks than I do. Probably sponsored already.

    The latest high shoes.

    • Liza says:

      Thanks! I’ll suffer anything for a good belt buckle. 241 did a nice Killian Jornet impression waiting expectantly at the top of hills for the runners behind him. (Liza Howard: Ultrarunning Geek)

  2. Sarah says:

    It was about 72° and a few people came through with severe hydration and/or electrolyte issues. Two women got all the way through the first loop to Last Chance with no water bottles and then Olga shrieked at them and made them carry leftover SmartWater bottles. Really! And then about midnight a guy came in with bad hypothermia and couldn’t talk; we took a long ass time fixing him up and sent him along for the last five.
    Sorry for the link blast.!/notlanakane/status/156005390109257728!/notlanakane/status/156032148296564736!/iRunFar/status/156069774328217600

    • Liza says:

      No water. Wow! I’m surprised Olga didn’t beat them over the head with the SmartWater bottles first.
      Nice tweets. Eliot told me how some folks were “demanding” coming through the aid stations. Amazing.
      I will complain that the kindness and support at Last Chance was overwhelming. I teared up the last time through and couldn’t breathe for about a quarter of a mile. Maybe scale that back next time. ;)

      • Sarah says:

        Yeah, Chef/Bossman Roger wanted us to be a leeetle more nurturing as conditions got tougher. There was a poor 50k’er who pulled a back muscle and ended up out after dark with no light. Naturally one of us walked her back to the Lodge, but made her promise not to cry until she crossed the timing mat. Oh! And your little (and big) mister has way better manners than the elite guys. Very sweet. Great job on a gnarly run!

        • Liza says:

          Y’all are awesome. And I’m puffed up with pride to hear that Asa minded his 4 year-old Ps and Qs and didn’t demand M&Ms or belch at any of you. Now if I can get him to wipe himself, my work will be done.

      • Lalo says:

        One elite probably gave all the rest a bad name. I was helping at the Lodge and he came in and caused a scene cause there were no gels. He started yelling that he needed a gel. Eliot then stepped out of the crowd and offered him a gel. I believe a couple of other people followed Eliot’s lead.
        All the other “elites” were pretty gracious and prepared.
        Needless to say, the Bandera Gods did not appreciate this runner’s outburst and he was no where to be seen at the end. Hopefully he does not blame the lack of gels for his DNF.
        Great job Liza! We are very proud of u! Now we can focus on crushing Rocky!

        • Liza says:

          Thanks Lalo. First we get to look forward to you two crushing Houston.

        • Rundavejames says:

          that was me, Joe said he was going to have gels.  Elliot and the others who offered their gels were much appreciated.  I was upset that Joe didnt have any gels available.  I had 3 mins to make up on Tim who had a crew and didnt have to stop at the aid stations out there.  If I offended anyone I apologize but I wasnt racing for 2nd and Joe was hosting a National Championship race and I expected him to offer calories in the form of the gels which I use when I race.  We all run for different reason and mine have changed over the years.  Sorry you were offended Lalo.  You all did a great job and are much appreciated by all of us.  I never wanted to be that guy that blows through an aid station without offering thanks, but I guess I am now.

          • Brett says:

            It takes to speak up and identify yourself.  Kudos.  Hopefully folks can now see both sides…

          • Rundavejames says:

            i did not mean to offend anyone out there Saturday and if I did I truly apologize.  When I started running ultras I was a mid packer and have been blessed that running and people like those associated with Joe and Tejas have supported me enough throughout the years.  Without all you guys  volunteering, and the sponsors, and usatf we would all just be running circles in the woods

          • Chris says:

            You were once a mid packer? That is hard to imagine. Good luck in your upcoming races Dave.

          • Chris says:

            Dave, impressed you stepped up and admitted it was you. I know I saw gels at every aid station so maybe it was a timing thing. I know Joe and Hammer had a bit of a mix up and they didn’t send any product and Joe was providing from his own supply. Heard you had some medical issues. Hope you are ok.

          • Rundavejames says:

            Thank Chris.  I have nothing to hide.  If my comments about the lack of gels were innapropiate I am truly sorry and apologize for offending anyone Saturday.  Joe told me before the start that he had the gels in the truck and would be unloading them after the start, but I know he had a ton going on out there Saturday.  Joe does an amazing job for sure as do all his volunteers!  thank you guys.  

            Yes, I had to call it a day around 50 miles when I could not get the blood to change to a clearer color that was in my urine (sorry if that was too much information for you there.)  I didnt have any flank pain so I think it was only my bladder bledding.  Tim ran an awesome race out there and when I couldn’t pull him in on that second loop I decided it was not worth it to continue to push myself to what might have been some major medical issues without another “National Champion” title to gain again.  I know that some people think that that is not in the “true ultra spirit” but I have a wife and puppies to think about now when I am out there and run into medical issues. 

            When I got to Kerville that night, luckily the urine color changed a little and I was able to dive back to Arizona with only some sore legs and a bruised ego.  Love Bandera, Love Texas and I am so proud of Tim for joining the “National Championship” club!

          • Chris says:

            Glad you are ok. I remember what Liza went through after JJ. That is some scary stuff and you don’t want to mess with it. You were smart to drop.

          • Lalo says:

            No problem and no offense taken by me. I totally understand your frustration and anger at the time. I actually felt bad for you and I was happy Eliot and others had extra gels to offer you. I know there was an issue with not having as many gels as they thought they would. Unfortunately for you and fortunately for others behind you, some gels were found and offered to the other runners.
            Being a runner myself, I understand that we are sometimes not at our best during a race so I understand your situation. I just wanted to point out that I thought the “elites” as a whole were great and gracious and I didn’t want one episode to be used to generalize otherwise. In fact, you were actually very nice and gracious at other times during the race. In fact, more so than some of the other “elites”.
            I also didn’t want one problem to give a bad name to a great race and a great job done by Joe and his staff. However, you have done the opposite and been extremely gracious and praiseworthy about the race as a whole. I applaud you for looking past the problem and spreading the good word about the race, Joe and his staff.
            I also applaud you for the way you race. You take it out fast, push the pace and hope to hold on. This is definitely old-school (which is a good thing IMO) and fun to watch.
            Finally, I apologize for the comment about the “Bandera Gods” and your DNF. I meant no harm by it and I wasn’t hoping you would DNF after the incident. The “Bandera Gods” comment is an inside joke with our running group and that is why I mentioned it. I am sorry you had to DNF. As a husband, father, runner and physician myself, you definitely did the right thing in stopping. Hematuria and possible rhabdo is not something to take lightly. There are more important things than a race, such as being able to provide for our family. I applaud you for being smart and living to fight another day.
            Best of luck in the future and I hope you have some great races ahead. I’ll make sure to have plenty of gels for you the next time you come down to race with us.

    • Steve says:

      I was the hypothermic runner at Last Chance.   Thanks to everyone there for helping me out and especially to Roger for loaning me a couple of dry shirts.  I think I was in the aid station for 30 minutes.  When I started running again it took three minutes for me to warm up enough for my teeth to stop chattering.  You guys are great!

      • Liza says:

        It’s a fine community to be a part of, isn’t it. Congratulations to you! I hope you are enjoying some good recovery eating today.

  3. Caweber2001 says:

    Congrats! I can’t wait to hear the full details of the race! It sounds like you had to deal with some ugliness!

  4. Doise Chew Miers says:

    Great job on a hot, tough day.  Everyone was really struggling.  I spend a good part of my day at Crossroads helping overheated runners and shuttling droppers back to the lodge.  I couldn’t believe how many dropped yesterday so great job for sticking it out and running an amazing race.  

    The kids race looks fantastic.  Asa told me a little about his run and got to enjoy some recovery Oreos at Crossroads.  Sorry Mom if that spoiled his training nutrition plan but Dad said it was okay.  

  5. Jack says:

    Nice comment on that masters runner laying across the trail :)  Fun running with you on lap one.  I went back after the awards today for a little run and found my mini so tall plant.  Hope it makes it back on the plane tomorrow.
    See you on the trail sometime and congrats on a great race!

    • Liza says:

      It was great to run with you yesterday. I can’t believe you went out for the sotol. I want a picture of your cactus garden someday. Hope our paths cross again soon.

    • Liza says:

      It was great to run with you yesterday. I can’t believe you went out for the sotolIt was so great to run with you some yesterday.  I can’t believe you went out for that sotol.  I want a picture of your Texas ccactus garden someday.  Hope our paths cross again very soon.

  6. John Reed says:

    Love the pic (proud father of 242)! We volunteered at Cross Roads, our first trail run experience together. Great people, great event. Always enjoy your blogs. Congrats on the race!

    • Liza says:

      Thanks so much John. I can’t wait to work an aid station with Asa. Congratulations to your son! He came back and cheered all the smaller guys on. Asa sprinted after his encouragement. Well done.

  7. Great to meet you Liza! Great race out there, it was a sizzler in Texas.
    I talked to #242 before his mile victory. Great run little man, the fun has just begun :)

    • Liza says:

      Really? That’s awesome! And I would also like to put my order in for a pre-race pep talk before Rocky. :)
      So nice to meet you.

    • John Reed says:

      I’m not sure you know what an impact you made on him (his name is Carter)! I showed him your comments and he had me take a snapshot and text them to his phone so he could show his friends. You’re his sports idol. Looks like he made a good choice. Thanks for taking the time to inspire him and congratulations on a great race.

  8. Eric from South Dakota says:

    Hi and thanks for this post (and photo).  I am the father of #243 (Sver).  The 1 mile kids race was so very cool.  We have been talking about Sver’s first race nonstop for the last few days. I ran my first 50K at Bandera–it was a blast.  We are hooked. 

    • Liza says:

      Congratulations to you and Sver!  It’s a slippery slope from 50k to 100miles.  Look forward to seeing you out there.  :)

  9. Eric from South Dakota says:

    …and way to go on your race, BTW!

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