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Ultrarunning Mom

Heading off to the Galiuro

I leave Thursday to work a WMI/NOLS course in the Galiuro Wilderness.  Thursday!   I will be happy to send you a copy of my yard-long “To Do Before Thursday” list if want to feel better about how on top of things you are.  I’ve never been to the Galiuros, which are about 45 miles […]

20 Sep
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What we’ve been up to

It’s been raining here in San Antonio.  The rains started shortly after I began my September Air Conditioning Protest.  Coincidence? Here’ s what we’ve been up to all weekend with the 7.2 inches of rain. So that was most of Saturday and Sunday. There was also pizza making. We’re still working on the toss.   […]

19 Sep
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September air conditioning protest: Day 2

My air conditioning protest is working!  It’s only going to be 91 tomorrow and we might get some good rain again.  (We won’t talk about how it’s going back up to 95 on Sunday or how my bedroom could double for a terrarium right now.) I had a good run today after our downpour.  (That’s […]

16 Sep
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Not much

There’s not much going on in the Howard household today.  Some good playing.  Some running.  Some moving of dirty laundry closer to the washer.  It’s not really a blogging kind of day, but I wanted to say hi.  I’ll write with coffee on board in the morning. Running: 50 minutes with five 1 and 2 […]

15 Sep
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Expert advice and porta-potties

I just got back from the YMCA in Schertz.  I gave a little talk about pre-race preparation for the San Antonio ½ Marathon.  I’ve never run the San Antonio ½ Marathon.   In fact, I’ve never run a half marathon.  Still, I think the talk went relatively well.  I told them about checking for safety pins […]

14 Sep
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