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September air conditioning protest: Day 2

My air conditioning protest is working!  It’s only going to be 91 tomorrow and we might get some good rain again.  (We won’t talk about how it’s going back up to 95 on Sunday or how my bedroom could double for a terrarium right now.)

I had a good run today after our downpour.  (That’s right, water actually fell from the sky today.  Three separate times in fact.  Asa and I let ourselves get soaked the third time and then did some good puddle dancing.) 2 hours of running at 70% effort.  My clothes weighed about 20 sweaty pounds five minutes into the run because of the humidty, so it was a pretty slow run, but it was enough to release some happiness endorphins.  I was almost jolly.  (But that would have required air conditioning.)  Three more hours on Sunday.

OK, time to watch some TV murder mystery and figure out a cool building to bring the family to tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “September air conditioning protest: Day 2

  1. Lauren B says:

    Call us if you need a playdate tomorrow afternoon… You know, when it’s 95 degrees.  Our house will be a nice, habitable 75. ;)

    • Anonymous says:

      You don’t know how close the whole Howard family was to showing up on your doorstep yesterday.  I knew Asa wouldn’t leave once he felt the cool temps and I wasn’t sure you wanted a third child.  

  2. lisa says:

    Hey Liza,
    Good to read about nicer weather and your running!  Alas, I am sorry to say, my stress levels have forced me to scale back my running.  I so wanted to do this 50k in San Fran but my older sister gently reminded me that I may have too much on my plate right now with school, work and motherhood.  I have learned that I get unbalanced easily if I’m not careful and I am thinking I will have to postpone San Fran!  Boo hoo! because now I won’t get to meet you there.  However, I feel like our paths will cross in the near future as I am still very interested in running a trail ultra.

    I will keep my mileage moderate and if I can do a long run I will but it will be nice not to have the pressure of being ready by a certain date.  I announced to my younger husband (by 8 years) that when he gets a job as a real doctor, he will be my  little sugar daddy for once and I will be an ultra running fool!  Well, ok, I may work a few shifts a month as resource but oooooh! can’t wait!  Plus Miss Ruby and I can do a little more bonding…

    I knew I had to let go of something and of course it had to be the running but I’m really not leaving it entirely…

    I continue to read your blog with great interest and you continue to inspire me.
    Thanks Liza!


    • Anonymous says:

      Good decision and I will miss meeting you!  And I agree, our paths will cross eventually.  You’ll find yourself wanting to see if Texas really is all that hot in September (April-Sept) and remember that I have a lovely guestroom and fluffy guest towels.  :)
      Let me know your plate is less full and you choose an ultra — I can make you a reasonable training plan that won’t suck up all your free hours.  (If you’d like.)
      Asa says HI to Ruby.

      • lisa says:

        I would love to see a training plan from you Liza! I will let you know when I am back in the saddle.  My husband said I should just run a half in San Fran since I paid for the race already.  That might be fun.  I could certainly keep up training for that.  In the meanwhile it is nice to not worry about my looooong runs anymore. I really am looking forward to training a lot next summer!
        Is San Antonio anywhere close to Austin?  I have a good friend and family in Austin- maybe I can meet up with you sometime?

        I have shown pics of Asa in various garb ( white knight, cowboy hat, etc) to Ruby and she looks with a combination of sheer interest and perhaps a little jealousy.. So funny! Asa’s coloring is similar to Ruby’s-That gorgeous tan olive skin.

        Best of luck with all your training. Stay healthy!

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