Liza Howard

Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a long-time is a longtime ultrarunner who lives in San Antonio, Texas. She teaches for NOLS Wilderness Medicine, coaches, directs the non-profit Band of Runners, and drives her kids around in a minivan.

December 2011
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Smug virtue and early morning running


I dragged myself out of bed at 4 this morning to meet a friend for a 5am run.  I am also scheduled for a 7am run with some other friends today.  (Long run, anyone?)  In any event, it took every bit of willpower I have not to send a text to my 5am date canceling Run #1.  I had to yell at myself a few times (in my head since Eliot was still snoring away next to me) that it was wholly unacceptable to use the fail-safe “Asa is sick; I can’t run.” excuse.  I was standing grumpily by the microwave heating up milk for a latte when I heard my phone’s incoming text alert.  My poor friend was sick and wouldn’t be able to run.  (She’s got the most willpower of anyone I know — buckets of it — so I know she’s actually feeling awful.)  I was immediately filled sadness and concern for my friend and large amounts of happiness for myself.  What a nice lesson to reflect on as I sit here drinking my second latte.  “If you don’t use a fake sick child as an excuse not to go running, you will be rewarded.”   It’s not everyday one can be so smug and enlightened before 5am.

4 hours and 40 minutes on the training schedule this morning — at Government Canyon.  I’m feeling a bit sore thinking about it.

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