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Liza Howard is a national champion runner with multiple records in distances ranging from marathons to 100 mile trail races.

October 2018
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Cousins! 286/365


The Marcello Family wedding reception in Sarasota, Florida was wonderful!

Here are all us older cousins. I’m the most old.

And here all but two of the rest of the cousins. (For the record, I am not actually the shortest cousin.)

It was Jen’s (in white) wedding reception that brought us all together for the first time in nine years. It seems like my folks are going to move to Sarasota to be with the family, so hopefully we’ll be getting together much more often. Bagels on the beach for Christmas morning.

What’s making me happy:

Running: Zero on Saturday. The willpower was actually there, but my heel has started to ache, and it was sore enough on Saturday, along with my hip, that it seemed like a bad idea to run. I sent Alison Bryant a video of me running, and she says I’m turing my right foot outwards to protect my toe. She’s going to give me some exercises to help and I’m going to try to stop turning my foot out. I ran 90 minutes easy on Sunday and my heel and hip were much better.  Still there, but better.

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  • M
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    M M

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    Glad the hip and heel are improved – merely making you aware of their presence instead of screaming at you is progress.
    Who is the magic Alison Bryant? (always looking for help and improvement)
    Bummed your parents will be moving out of NoVa, reduces our chance of meeting up when you’re here to see them. (and they’re moving to where it’s hotter, yikes – but more family is good)

    • Liza
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      Liza Liza

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      I will send you Alison’s contact info. She is amazing an amazing PT. And we have 2 years before my folks go anywhere. We’ll meet up for a run long before that. 🙂

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