Liza Howard

Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a national champion runner with multiple records in distances ranging from marathons to 100 mile trail races.


Nothing is inevitable 261/365


Toe pain scale:

1 = Let’s run 62 miles on pavement!

10 = Return the USA roller bag and everything in it.

Today: 5

Well, I can see the tendons in my foot again. So there’s that. I spent the day with my foot propped up on a bench watching the house get dirtier and working my way through emails and work. I am not freaking out. It doesn’t seem like it’s broken and I feel like I’ve got enough time to heal before September 8th. What I am trying to do is not eat everything in sight.

What’s making me happy: John McCain’s final letter.

“Because nothing is inevitable here.”

Running: 0

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