Liza Howard

Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a long-time is a longtime ultrarunner who lives in San Antonio, Texas. She teaches for NOLS Wilderness Medicine, coaches, directs the non-profit Band of Runners, and drives her kids around in a minivan.


Cold Watermelon 214/365


Today I ran first thing in the morning, did some other stuff while the kids argued, and then ran again this evening. And now I’m shoving cold watermelon into my mouth before my last client call of the day. I’m wearing a hat because I was too tired to brush my hair after my quick shower — and I wanted to get to the watermelon eating. I hope your day was a bit more memorable — or at least your runs were less exhausting.

What’s making me happy: A friend of mine is sick, and I went down a rabbit hole looking for silly things to send her to cheer her up. I ended up rereading The Oatmeal ode to the mantis shrimp with Asa. Asa’s laughter is what’s making me happy.

Running: 1st run 30 minutes easy. 2nd run: 20 minutes easy. 30 minutes moderate. 20 minutes easy.

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