Liza Howard

Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a national champion runner with multiple records in distances ranging from marathons to 100 mile trail races.


Change to Celsius 226/365


And now it’s time to leave the mountains and go back to The Heat. It was 18 degrees Celsius when the kids and I were drove out of Silverton. (That’s 64 Fahrenheit for all you folks who haven’t changed your dashboard thermometer over to Celsius. I highly recommend making the change if you live somewhere hot. It makes everything seem cooler — especially if you’re not good at making the Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion, like me. “39 degrees? That doesn’t sound so bad.”) By the time we drove through Pecos, TX, it was 43 Celsius. 107.6 Fahreheit. Let’s just round up. 108 degrees!! Siiiiiiiiigh.

What’s making me happy:

Running: Just into the rest stop bathrooms due to Ruby’s tiny bladder.

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