Liza Howard

Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a national champion runner with multiple records in distances ranging from marathons to 100 mile trail races.


Pee buckets 183/365


Ruby is going to nature camp for the week in Nacogdoches, Texas. (Silent G.) Of course, we didn’t leave San Antonio to make the five-hour drive until past 6pm. And, of course, the GPS failed us once we hit the dirt roads that lead to our family’s house. And, sure, we’ve been there plenty of times in the past. But I wasn’t driving then, and it wasn’t almost midnight and pitch black out.

I drove around on the dirt roads through the woods for about an hour before giving up and heading into town. We ended up sleeping in the back of the minivan in a Walmart parking lot. It’s a good thing we’re a small family made up of small people (besides Eliot.) We fit in the back of the minvan just fine, thank you.

Ruby did have to go the bathroom in the middle of the night, but she’d been given a purple sparkly bucket at her end-of-year party…

That’s the image I’ll leave you with. My kids and me lying like sardines in the back of the minivan in a Walmart parking lot with a bucket of pee (secured and covered) in the front seat.

What’s making me happy:

Running: 80 min easy/mod on dirt.

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