Liza Howard

Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a long-time is a longtime ultrarunner who lives in San Antonio, Texas. She teaches for NOLS Wilderness Medicine, coaches, directs the non-profit Band of Runners, and drives her kids around in a minivan.

December 2017
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Deflating mattresses 14/365


The Megabus got Asa and me to Houston around 11:30pm last night.  I love riding on double decker buses — especially really clean ones with see-through ceilings. Still, I was happy enough to get off after four hours rather than continuing on to New Orleans like most of the people on the bus.

Asa balked at sleeping on the inflatable mattress with his sister once we got to the house, so I but on my body armor and climbed in with her. Eliot and Asa got the bed — which did not deflate during the night. It was a hard morning for me, and I was really  dragging by the time I managed to head out for 16 miles. I would have dragged more if I hadn’t forgotten my cold(er) weather running gear. Let’s hear it for external motivation!

Eliot pumped the mattress up close to popping tonight in the hopes that I’d wake up less grinch-like for his birthday tomorrow. I am going to do my best. My good friend gave me a Starbucks gift card, and if I have to use it all at once, to regain some equanimity, I’ll do it.

Running: 16 miles with 3 minute pickups every 10 minutes


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