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Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a national champion runner with multiple records in distances ranging from marathons to 100 mile trail races.

July 2017
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Back to Mustang Island


Eliot made breakfast tacos for everyone and big thermos of coffee for me, and now we’re in the car heading down to Mustang Island for the day. Ruby identified a few diced onion pieces in her taco, and decided she wasn’t hungry.  I polished off her tacos knowing it would result in an immediate reevaluation of her onion hatred.  But I was hungry and now, at least, my belly is full as I listed to her pleas for snack time.  I did it anyway because they were so tasty — despite the onions.

“When will it be snack time?”

“Is it snack time yet?”

“Will it be snack time before we get there?”

“Why isn’t it snack time?”

It’s 7am.

I’m supposed to run for 90 minutes today with 10 pickups of 40 seconds each.  I’m hoping to be able to do it barefoot on the beach with lots of nice breaks for jumping in the water.  We’ll see if the day plays out with Eliot wanting to watch two kids in the surf for a full 90-minutes.  Seems more likely that it’ll be three 30-minute runs.  Or nine 10-minute ones… Or I might be running in the dark when we get home.  Uncertainty is my good friend.

Chicken coop update:
Fort Chicken is about half-way done.
(It’s built under the kids’ tree fort in the backyard.)
The roost box is all set and the framing is down. Now it just needs some paint and  a roll of chicken wire.  I saw two kits on my loop of the neighborhood yesterday, so I’m hoping we do a good enough job with the wire that I won’t have any fox in the henhouse stories for you.
OK, gotta get back to forcing Asa to listen to The Children’s Shakespeare. (It turns out all that death in Hamlet is hard to read to a 9 year-old).

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