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Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a national champion runner with multiple records in distances ranging from marathons to 100 mile trail races.

April 2017
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Up early and writing


I woke up at 2:45 this morning and decided to go ahead and get up and start the daily grind of shooing the cats away from our love seat.  They’ve taken to using it as a scratching post.  It was my grandmother’s couch and it’s well-used and loved at this point — and it’ll be what you sit on if you ever come to visit until Ruby is well past the stage of decorating it unexpectedly with a Sharpie. So it’s pretty much been cat-shooing since I last blogged.  Cat shoo-ing, working, running, teaching, working, teaching, running and more cat shoo-ing.  And following politics.

Though the cat shoo-ing hasn’t been going particularly well, running is good.  I still have to use my Albuterol inhaler after 2.5 hours of running when my chest feels tight and it’s hard to get a good breath.  But I don’t have to stop to recover.  I needed the inhaler twice during the Prickly Pear 50k last month, which doesn’t bode well for Lake Sonoma on the 15th.  Still, I don’t expect a JFK repeat when I was lying under piles of leaves hoping for death.

Jason, Alison, Eliot, Joe and I got notice last week that Band of Runners is now a 501(c)3 public charity.  Check out the website Jason and I made.  So we have 17 fully funded spots for veterans and Gold Star families.  If you know someone who would benefit from attending the camp — someone maybe struggling to connect with their community, or someone who needs some trail community in their life — please send them to the site to site to sign up or send me a note, and I’ll see about inviting them.  There are also five spots for folks who just want to come to a trail camp.  The project is exciting and I wish I didn’t have to work at it in fits and starts.

I think I have to send Easter eggs in with Ruby today — filled with stickers.  I have to find the sheet the teacher sent home that disparages jelly beans and tells me when the joyless sticker eggs are due.   More tomorrow, I hope!

Today’s run: 1 mile easy, 1 hour hard, 1 mile easy.

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