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Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a long-time is a longtime ultrarunner who lives in San Antonio, Texas. She teaches for NOLS Wilderness Medicine, coaches, directs the non-profit Band of Runners, and drives her kids around in a minivan.

January 2016
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New Zealand (kind of)


I mentored a new instructor this past weekend.  She is great educator and person, and we had a lot of fun, but it meant I was talking for almost eight hours straight for two days in a row.  Consequently, I was a wreck today.  A very quiet wreck.

Ruby and I went to Lifetime again this morning.  She broke into tears when I told her we were going, but we made it out the door with the promise of ice cream cones and with Winnie the Pooh clutched tightly in her arms.  She was tear-stained and snotty when I picked her up from the child care center an hour later, and she told me “I am sad,” but she seemed a bit less traumatized than last time.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  I was too tired to feel quite as guilty as the first time anyway.

The Lifetime treadmill had a video program that allowed you to run trails in New Zealand.  It was both great (and distracted me from staring at the woman on the elliptical in front of me who was wearing a big gold necklace and moving the elliptical’s workout arms with an impressive amount of vigor), and it was horrible.  You should actually be on trails — and outside — to see that kind of beauty.

Anyway, like I said, I am grateful.  And this will make a big difference in my fitness heading into MdS.

So last week was not an impressive training week.  Only 44 miles and no strength or core work besides carrying around the 38-pound pack.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 12.59.48 AM


This next week will be better. Lifetime, New Zealand, and a trip to the Guadalupe Mountains this weekend.  I have never been to the Guads — low these 9ish years I’ve lived in Texas.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 1.24.11 AM

I can’t wait.

Oh, and Asa and I are working on some stop action Lego videos of MdS.  The boy is hooked.

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  • Jackie Lai
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    Jackie Lai Jackie Lai

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    Don’t let that mommy guilt stop you from your time at the gym. 1-2 hours in the daycare will not hurt your daughter. Just because you are a mom doesn’t mean you don’t have separate goals and activities that don’t include the children. Just one mom’s opinion.

    • Liza
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      Liza Liza

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      Thanks Jackie! I appreciate it. Watching all the other moms dropping their kids off has helped too. 🙂