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Liza Howard is a long-time is a longtime ultrarunner who lives in San Antonio, Texas. She teaches for NOLS Wilderness Medicine, coaches, directs the non-profit Band of Runners, and drives her kids around in a minivan.

May 2015
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Travis Macy’s Audible Book on the Treadmill


Asa is at a birthday party at a bouncy house place, Ruby is slowly moving all the cans out of the pantry, Eliot’s making a stir fry, and I’m sitting here in the kitchen in the clothes I ran in many hours ago.   Seems like a good time to blog.

So have you all heard of this book Travis Macy wrote?

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 5.10.16 PM

He was interviewed about it on and on  So as a podcast zealot, I’ve heard a lot about it in the last few days.  And because I have big treadmill miles to get done tonight, I decided to get a subscription to Audible to listen to it.  Hopefully, I won’t need all 7 hours and 28 minutes…  I figure even if there are no inspirational epiphanies, it’ll take my mind off the slug-like quality of my uphill miles. (And really, that’s all I’m looking for in literature these days.)

What I’ve listened to so far made me think about getting in touch with Travis and seeing if he might be available to come to the Trail Camp for RWB this year.  We’ll see.  First, slug-like uphill miles.   🙂

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 7.25.45 PMPS. Sarah Lavender Smith wrote a review of the book here if you don’t have any podcast time today.


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    And Pam Smith has a little blurb in it as well!

    • Liza Howard
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      Liza Howard Liza Howard

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      Cool! I haven’t gotten that far yet. I have 20 miles on the schedule tomorrow, so I should hear it very soon. 🙂