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Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a national champion runner with multiple records in distances ranging from marathons to 100 mile trail races.

January 2015
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Rocky inspiration in progress


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I’m sitting in the Starbucks using the last 15 minutes of my babysitter time to try and nail down an answer to “How can running Rocky Raccoon be useful to others?”  That inspiration is what I need to excel on those dang loops.  I found Amby Burfoot’s book The Runner’s Guide to the Meaning of Life on my shelf, and I’ve gotten a few sparks of inspiration from it.  In fact, I have one very good idea about something useful to do.  We’ll see.

I don’t think I’ve told you how most of the New Balance team is coming to help with this run.  Dominic Grossman, Katie Desplinter, Brandy Erholtz (my pregnancy blog partner and Leadville pacer vomiting victim and mountain runner extraordinaire), and Monica Morant and Brendan Murray.  That’s a load of people to let down with a bad race… Good thing I’m too tired and have to much to do before I leave on Friday to actually feel the pressure.  My computer gave up the ghost after I dropped it, and my old plans for Rocky are lost (or need to be retrieved by some savvy computer person), so I’ve got to get that together today along with tracking down some Tailwind and, well, you know, a bazillion other things.

OK, my fifteen minutes are up.  I hope to check in later tonight and add some pictures.  Here’s a quote for you in the meantime.

Winning is not about headlines and hardware.  It’s only about attitude [and belt buckles].

-Amby Burfoot and Liza Howard

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