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Liza Howard

Liza Howard is a long-time is a longtime ultrarunner who lives in San Antonio, Texas. She teaches for NOLS Wilderness Medicine, coaches, directs the non-profit Band of Runners, and drives her kids around in a minivan.

December 2014
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Dressing in the dark and apology and thank you to New Balance


Perhaps you were wondering how the kitchen was going.

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You will notice the lack of curtains (among other kitchen items).  This meant I was dressing in the cold garage the morning of the San Antonio marathon.  I couldn’t dress in my room because Ruby was sleeping there — because my in-laws were sleeping in her room.  Well, actually, my father in-law was in the bathroom — where I had planned to get dressed.  And if I had gotten dressed in the bathroom and not the dimly lit garage, I might have noticed that I’d grabbed a RWB shirt with a Nike swish on it from my dresser drawer.  I did not, in fact, notice this until I got to the race start.  No big deal.  I wasn’t going to place.  Nobody would notice.  Training marathon.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 4.11.54 AMSwish.

This is not a good thing.  New Balance has supported my running for a number of years now.  They even kept me on the team while I was pregnant and not racing ultras.  Remember?  I’ve been so grateful to be one of their ambassadors, and to wear their gear, and run in their shoes.  And clearly it is not useful to them if I go and run a big city marathon (regardless of the level of competition, San Antonio is still a big city) and wear a shirt with a swish on it.  New Balance does support RWB and has supported the Trail Running Camp — but that’s not the point.  Sure, I was dressing in a cold garage after pulling clothes out of my drawers in the dark, and Ruby hadn’t slept well for a couple of nights, and we’d had to buy a car the day before because ours had died, … and I was drinking instant coffee because we didn’t have a kitchen …. but, yeah I’m supposed to be making myself useful to New Balance.  And you can’t see that I won wearing the NB1400s.

Anyway, I wrote New Balance an apology note and told them how sorry and embarrassed I was.  (And promised to wear a headlamp if I ever got dressed in the dark again.) They were entirely gracious.  As usual.  I figured I’d share their response to my mistake in case anybody was interested in the company’s culture and how its relationship with its athletes.

In other news, only 38 days until Houston!  And then onto Rocky!!  And then I’m going to eat a lot of donuts for a week.  My legs are only a little bit sore today, so it’ll be back to good training tomorrow.

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  • Andrea
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    Andrea Andrea

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    Liza, you are incredible. I laughed so much. I’ve also dressed in the dark around baby and put on an inappropriate shirt (I’ve never worked out why my husband dumped it on my race kit). But I’ve never won. Hurrah you!

  • Amy Evans
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    Amy Evans Amy Evans

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    Liza, congrats on the win! Sounds like New Balance is an awesome company to work with. Good luck in Houston, I’ll be running the half and can’t wait to get out there!

    • Liza Howard
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      Liza Howard Liza Howard

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      I hope you have a great run at Houston, Amy! I know it’ll be chaos there, but maybe we’ll see each other. 🙂 NB is pretty darn great.