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Back on the Wagon, Links and Dallas

Hi peeps.  Sorry to leave you all with that rant post for so long.  The time between that post and this sentence has disappeared in a blur of teething, baby snot, a bit of fast running, and a broken car.  I took our car to get inspected and have the oil changed yesterday morning.   That law-abiding maintenance was obviously a mistake because we were driving around in a rental car and the Prius was sitting at the Toyota dealership (with the Baby Jogger forgotten in the back!) by the end of the day.

After an hour bouncing the baby around the Express Lube waiting area, getting baby snot rubbed all over the front of my shirt, the Prius was given a clean bill of health.  I loaded Ruby up and drove about a minute down the road before I saw the check engine light.  But I just couldn’t bring myself to turn around and head back to the to Express Lube.  My arms were sore from all the bouncing and I was covered in snot.  Covered.  I figured I’d bring the car back in the evening after Eliot got home.  Fast forward a couple of hours when the dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree with lots of warning lights and exclamation marks with both Ruby and Asa in the car.  I held my breath and made it back to our driveway without the car exploding.  This morning the car is still at the dealership and everyone is enjoying  the clean rental car with the functional key fobs.  Asa had a good time putting the fob to the test before school this morning.

I’m heading up to Dallas tonight to teach a Wilderness First Aid class over the weekend.  I’m pretty excited about the prospect of uninterrupted sleep at the hotel – and some fine treadmill running before and after class.

OK, I’d better do some laundry now, so I’m not snot covered for the students.

Here are some great links to make you smile this Friday.

The first is Sir David Attenborough narrating Olymipic curling.

And the second is an NPR reporter interviewing his 3 and 5 year-old daughters after one gave the other a haircut.

Also, I’m going to start posting my training schedule.
Today (on the Fairfield Inn Dallas treadmill): 3.5 hours with 14 miles at 7:15-7:20 pace.
Core 20 minutes.
Hmmm.  Going to make for a late night.

5 thoughts on “Back on the Wagon, Links and Dallas

  1. trimble says:


  2. Trimble says:

    did you find another running band for little pregnant ladies you liked more than the one I sent? Looks like I’m going to need another…

  3. Trimble says:

    Do not worry about it. Share the pregnant running love. I was going to get another in hopes it had been passed along! Was that one your fav or another? I never tried any others.

    • Liza Howard says:

      I didn’t try any others because the one you sent worked so well. Really the only improvement would be some sort of strong mesh summer version. Ruby is teething, so that’s the end of thinking in full sentences for me today. Hoping to come to your neck of the woods before the summer.

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