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Ultrarunning Mom

Merry Christmas Lady Liberty

Last night at the Howard house as we put Asa in bed to wait for Santa:

Asa: “Dad, what was the greatest gift that was ever given?”

Eliot: “You know, son.”

Asa: “Yeah, but I’m asking you.”

Eliot: “The greatest gift ever given was the baby Jesus.”  (Eliot’s Methodist roots start showing this time of year.)

Asa: “Nooooo.”

Eliot: “Well then, what was the greatest gift ever given son?”

Asa: ” The greatest gift ever given was the Statue of Liberty.”

Merry Christmas from all us Howards to all of you!  May your year be full of happiness and gifts of various sizes.





One thought on “Merry Christmas Lady Liberty

  1. Richard says:

    Merry Christmas to you all too! Hope you’ve all had a great break.

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