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Butterballs, Murderers, and Training

rubythanksgivingSo that was Thanksgiving with the Little Butterball.  There has been little sleep since then.  Lots of cuteness and baby smiles — and a good number of miles run — but not much sleep.

Ruby’s asleep in my lap right now while  Eliot finishes reading Asa his bedtime story.  I’m planning to take a nap for a few (5?) hours and then I’ll hop on the treadmill.  Thinking of five hours as a long nap makes it seem a lot more restful than only sleeping for five hours overnight.  I only got two hours of sleep last might (6 week growth spurt????), and my no-beer-until-Rocky  Raccoon resolution fell by the wayside about 6pm tonight.  Eliot was telling me about an episode of Dexter in which Dexter couldn’t complete a murder because he was so tired from his newborn.  Odd to empathasize with a fictional serial murderer…

OK, I’ve got 2.5 hours on the treadmill and a bunch of strength exercises.  And 10 more baby pounds to shed.  Bleh.


2 thoughts on “Butterballs, Murderers, and Training

  1. Gene Taylor says:

    Hi Liza,
    Great picture. She looks so much like Momma!!!
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving,

    • Liza Howard says:

      Thanks Gene! It was a great Thanksgiving. I hope yours was too. Ruby just hasn’t been sleeping, which doesn’t make for interesting blogging. I’m looking forward to being awake enough again to string some sentences together.

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