Liza Howard. Ultrarunning Mom.

Ultrarunning Mom

Just saying



This little one was up all night.  And up all morning. She got tired and decided to nap two minutes before it was time to pick Asa up from school.  Good thing she’s cute…

Run: 1 hour easy  (thank goodness!)

Shower:  Not yet.  Hoping for something this evening.

Reward/Bribe for Asa studying his spelling words today: Gunsmoke episode



  • olga

    Getting chubby!

    • Liza Howard

      Chunky thigh shot tomorrow. :)

  • marco

    Hope she begins to sleep more soon!!!!! ;-)

    • Liza Howard

      Eliot took on night duty last night & I’m a human again. :)

  • Kris

    She is so Cute!!!!!!

    • Liza Howard

      Thanks Kris!!