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Dusk to Dawn, Boxes, and RWB-Inspired Training

So Ruby Jane thinks she’s a bat or some other sort of nocturnal beast.  For the last four days she’s snoozed most of the day (like this) (Cute, no?)

RubyNov5and then perked up around 10pm.  Now I’ve already been advised to wake her up during the day, but she’s a determined sleeper — and I’m not much of a determined waker.  You try to muster the determination to wake a sleeping baby after four mostly sleepless nights.  (And if you’ve got it, feel free to come over tomorrow during the day.)

The UPS guy has come by daily for the last week, and our garage is bursting at the seams with gear for the Trail Running Camp.  I’m not sure exactly how Alison and I are going to fit it all in the rented minivan for the trip out to Camp Eagle.  Then, of course, there are the 3000 diapers and 9700 outfits for Ruby that are going to have to go along with us.  Car seat.  Sling.  Tiny hats…

I have a three-hour run scheduled tonight and it’s going to take all I have to make it happen.  I can’t start until 9:30pm because Eliot is working late.  I’m going to have to draw on some Team RWB inspiration to get it done.  Nothing like putting on a Trail Running Camp for 100 veterans in three days to get a sleepy postpartum lady to get her workouts done.




2 thoughts on “Dusk to Dawn, Boxes, and RWB-Inspired Training

  1. Gene Taylor says:

    First, I love the Christmas photo in the last post. The chaos of Trail Running Camp prep will sort itself out; it always does. It will be awesome!

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